Awww. Do I have to be a freemason to get the fun costumes?

I always wondered how much they spent on Fezzes... Though, I’ve not really noticed the shoes until now.

Fun slogans returned –

“Newton Really Satisfies.” a reload also gave – “Think Newton” and then “I Liked The Newton So Much, I Bought The Company!”

“I’m Not Gonna Pay A Lot For This Scotto” and “I Feel Like Scotto Tonight.” and you know what? I do feel like Scotto tonight!

Ok. Back to the icepack.

The pill they gave me for right before the epi was 1mg alprazolam (xanax). one hour before the procedure. I’d never heard of it used for nervous tension before. No wonder he told me to hold off on the other meds for a day before taking it.

it went well.. strangely enough, the present to myself from the toy store next door had a spine sucker in it. there’s a fun little bit of coincidence.

Newt’s fawning all over me, so I think it’s treats for him, and then a icepack in bed for me.

Thanks for the good vibes, dear journal!