sleepy day....

Today’s been a sleepy, relaxing day. I’ve spent much of the day in a calm place, and taking it easy… as has my gluttonous protégé, Mr. Newtie McTreatEater. We’ve been flung all over the house in assorted comfortable poses, and just sort of lollygagging about, reading, napping, burning incense, wrestling with each other in a slackerly fashion and watching the occasional Spongebob cartoon…I’m having trouble figuring out the recorder fingering for the Spongebob theme… I may have to look up the sheet music for it, rather than playing it by ear. A complete slackerboy Saturday… I’ve needed something like this for a little while now. I’m bemused by the idea of the undersea creatures having a snowball fight.

Just popped into my head – I’d like some taco bell right now, and the phrase “wreak terrible vengeance” is a good one, as well as the variant “a terrible justice has been done”

I dig these groovy CD-R’s… they look like 45s!

full-newtie in repose

note to self… put the Newtie-treats back in the cupboard after giving him his goodies.

This morning, I heard him playing with the little container for them, but I thought he was just rolling the tube along the floor… nope. he was smacking it around to get the tasty goodness inside. while laying in bed I heard a pop-rustle of a half-full bucket of treats opening up. I got to them, but not until after the little orange thug had scarfed down as many as he could wrap his mouth around…. I guess *somebody* had a trick or treat snack bonanza a day late.

Naughty little monkey.