Good day at work today.

Had a long lunch with Italian food and watched half of Goldfinger in the conference room.

Kev’s in good spirits, which is a nice change for him. not stressed or pressed for time, and he didn’t have to work late.

They had a goodbye dinner For Pamster at Champps. Fortunately for the other celebrationists, Mojo claimed sickness, and didn’t attend. (I couldn’t attend, as I was still working)


This weekend I will:

  • Tonight – Do light housecleaning, shower, have a nice supper and work on a few pieces of terrain / Scotto & Sweetie toys. I think I want to do some oasis land pieces, some swamp, and maybe a little house or city-bit.
  • Sometime – Must get Groceries, including Litter, TP, Shampoo and Dental Floss, Do Laundry. Hit the aquarium shop for cheap fake palm trees/ plants for terrain
  • Before Mayah’s Birthday Party – Get Mayah’s prezzie – Maybe something at the expo? It is toys and such.
  • Saturday morn/midday – Go with Dan to ACCexpo

  • Sat Midday / Early eve (about 5) Go to Mayah’s Birthday party.
  • Sunday morn – Maybe return with Dave to Accexpo
  • Sunday midday / Early eve – best time for “sometime” Chores, I think.
  • All weekend, and always: Think of her with love.

aha! forms work in LJ! This could have some potential. (unless the mooks disable it)

Note to self-

Buy Newt-food

(hmm.. like father, like son!)

Dental Floss
Mayah Prezzie

off to work.. later journal-gator.

Hit the Fan! The object is to propel a mound of fecal matter with your ping-pong paddle so that it connects with the rotary air circulation device. Once you get some practice, try springing one off the stapler or landing it in the coffee cup. Even better yet, go for a “Mac attack” and ricochet one off the iMac screen into the blades. They did a fairly good job of creating a sound effect for the moment when the caca hits the old ventilator too – so how can you lose?

PSA, and then on to my entry – Microsoft announced a really nasty bug in their Data Access Components (MDAC) yesterday. Microsoft Security Bulletin MS02-065 has the details Go get the patch here, if you’ve not updated your system recently.

Ok, now on to regular Scotto…


Sappho and Riker are making a pilgrimage to FAO Schwarz this weekend…. I’ve got an urge to go there, too. Maybe I’ll add it to the hubbub over thanksgiving weekend sometime. Anyone want to get me a personal hovercraft for Christmas? I think i might actually get the Lego Hagrid’s hut, if I can find it at ebay for under $20.

Cool as all get out classic children’s audio books. Gerald Mcboing Boing and Little Black Sambo.

I can hear the Goodyear blimp overhead… it really pleases me that it travels this far south.

History Wired – sort of a random wandering through the Smithsonian National Museum of American history. (Strange to me is that they have a display about Life in ancient Greece Reflected in the Coinage of Corinth “American history”? Not that I mind.. it’s a neat)