random lj poetry

If your name of them so Hot; shower by the
Maryland have higher production I may I took
read for Newt’s being fritzy, I Slept in that list
that some candy in about: finished our day
like they have no Nathan’s cube, around: and
software: they Never confirming that I just
seeing What happens when you have; some
positive thoughts that it’s rare that now, while
to keep a me; up early early early to run, and
reworking the same size to private to walk:
serene look forward to have a similar to check
a lion tamer outfit. She sounds like Charlton Heston
well, as an end; of Joy bites left to
kids to worry about whatever. I like to keep a
nice and round planet of photography journals
on that now and would be sure what about my
sweetie but sheets nobody was dating
smacking some giggle time with six jacks
around. Nope. Good day because I’ve finally
gotten some of my heart: Waking up.

I especially like the last four lines, and “she sounds like Charlton Heston”

Won an auction for more figures… . $18 total for 66 little plastic guys. (plus $5 shipping) for – (each one is three of the same figure, in varying strengths)

Dwarven Fuser,Imp,Werewolf,Cave Archer,Cave Butcher,Flesh Golem, Soaring Crossbowman, Soaring Gunner, Whirling Golem,Berserker, Dwarven Mounted Fuser, Dwarven Ram, Dwarven Rotary Fuser, Shelled One (rock lobster!), Standard Bearer, Wild Mountain Troll, Deadwood Golem, Demolishing Ape (munKEEE!), Lizard Man, Wereboar, Werecat,Weresabertooth

The ones I already had a few of will be good trade-bait for Dave…and maybe Dan. I think I hooked him last time.

addendum – Nimrods at the Fort Lauderdale remote office changed the pcanywhere password, thus they get no November data and will suffer perditions flames from Jenjen in the morning because of it. I wash my hands of the whole affair. One day they’ll learn that they’re not allowed to mess with stuff like that. (Or the big guns will stop populating the offices with mouth-breathers) I’m glad that it wasn’t the Quebec office! 🙂 At least this one is only a few miles up the road.

long day at work today… some brief bright spots, but overall the same old thing. Island boy left early to do his first voting as an American citizen… very cool, indeed…but Kev didn’t register in time. I’m pretty disappointed in that, because he’s the big example of the “Good American” at work. Ah well.. I don’t think that Santie or Chupa or anyone else of note voted. I forgot to ask Sappho, Riker and the Pamster…but none of them strike me as votey-types.

I look forward to seeing what happens when Island Boy gets called on for Jury duty!

Newt sez, Vote for Dukes! A vote for Dukey is a vote for cool orange cats everywhere.

Cool singing horses. Safe for work, but it’s got sound.

Coca Cola is releasing a Yoo-Hoo-like substance called Choglit…. possibly the dopiest name for a drink this decade. Looks dangerously similar to a Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper can. Careful mixing them up!

Put my votes in all nice and neat-like. I’m actually more enthusiastic about the amendments than the candidates. a lot of negative campaigning has been going on the TV lately, and I’ll be happy to see those commercials brought to an end. A pleasant surprise is that I seem to have gotten less political junk mail this year. Maryland has a neato-named Governor candidate (though he won’t win, because he’s a libertarian, rather than the ‘big two’) SPEAR LANCASTER. He sounds like a cool private eye, or an angry white savage, raised by a lost tribe of javelin-throwing natives. Spear. That’s an odd name… a weapon. I’d heard of Dirk, Lance, Glaive, Pike and Mace…. am I forgetting any? I can’t say as I know anyone named Halberd, Flail or Quarrel… I suppose Gun names don’t really count, because they’re generally named for a person, not the other way around. Smith & Wesson… Is Colt named for a person, or just a horse?

“What’s green, has eight legs, and would kill you if it dropped on you from out of a tree?”

“A pool table!”

Nyuk nyuk nyuk nyuk!

Newt was fairly vocal this morning…not sure what set him off, but he was willing to carry on a conversation for a little while. “Mer!” “What’s that?” “Mer!” “Are you sure?” “Mer!” “The Blue one?” “Mer! Mer!” “Ok… what about the monkeys?”.. with that, Newt just cuddled back with in bed… I may never know the answer to the Monkey question. I’ve worn him out this morning. He’s now purring peacefully atop monitor two as I type this… he’s more fond of the screens, as they’re warmer than the futon, and he can play with me more easily when in front of me, rather than behind.
playing - before - aiee! 3-d!
sleepy - after
I should pick up a new web cam. This one’s output is pretty dang fuzzy.

I’m still not terribly hungry, even after yesterday’s semi-fast. I wouldn’t mind some waffles, though…maybe I’ll treat myself to something tasty at lunch. I’m not sure who’d deliver waffles, but IHOP would be nice about now. I could really go for one of my sweetie’s apples in the bowl on her desk, too.