ok, it’s after Thanksgiving, I can start with the Christmas stuff.

Santa Claus powers (it’s long been known that we’re related)

Stuff I’m pretty good at –

  • Naughty / Nice detector
  • Entertaining Children
  • Having a Beard
  • Enjoying Cookies
  • Winking / nodding
  • chatting with elves
  • making lists (and double-checking them)
  • taking care of animals
  • eye-twinkling
  • shouting, and calling the reindeer by name
  • ho-ho-ho-ing in a deep voice
  • good grasp of toys – high technology and old school

Stuff that Needs work-

  • breaking and entering. (I can jimmy a car door with a clothes hanger, though)
  • traveling at high speeds in a sleigh
  • spreading cheer (only good in short bursts at the moment)
  • Shaking like a bowl full of jelly
  • Wearing Boots
  • Levitating reindeer, or any animals, really.
  • preferring to convert evil over the simpler “destroy it” method.
  • whistling
  • smoking a pipe
  • spectacles
  • working inside high pressure deadlines
  • good penmanship

I need to work on a Christmas Icon, too. I wonder where the santa-scotto went?

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