Lovely morning, not as brisk as yesterday, but still clear and comfortable. A pleasant breeze surrounded me with a honeysuckle-like scent (I think from the sweet alyssum) when I poked out of my mole-hole for a gauge of the day. I think tomorrow morning I’ll take pictures at Holiday Park. So far, I only have two pictures from there…. a squirrel (from late July) and the mage knight game last weekend. I’d also like to see if I could get a couple of shots of manatees.

I’m back to drinking coffee… I have an on-again, off-again relationship with it. I go through phases of really enjoying it, to just being indifferent to it, to actively not wanting any. With an Einstein’s bagels right up the street, I can get a cup pretty much at will.

Random history factoid – When two acquaintances in ancient Rome met on the street, the typical greeting was “Ave!” and “Salve!” (“Hail,” and “Hope you’re well,” respectively). Friends often followed this by a kiss on the cheek. People who presumed to be a prominent citizen’s friends also kissed or tried to kiss them in public, much to the target’s dismay. After an exchange of pleasantries, the Romans departed with “Vale” (“Good luck”) as goodbye.