home again, home again, jiggety-jig

Pretty solid day of just chewing on catch-up work… I have a new project on my plate, now, too… always good to see. I get to generate a program that can create assorted sample/ test data on the fly, within an assortment of parameters. The hitch? The requesting folk don’t know for sure what the parameters will be… so I get to leave the architecture very open, for hanging other aspect on as I go. It should be pretty simple…though I know enough about the way things work to expect a few curveballs before the job is over with.

It seems that while I was away, Pam decided to put in her 2 weeks… it looks like she’s headed back to Ohio… in *December*… Brr… quite the way to jump in with both feet. I imagine that Sappho and Riker will miss her the most… They’re the last three Tampa-imports left, I think. Accounting will be much more dull, that’s for sure. Santie has some help selling now, too. A few departments have assistants now… Mail shop, sales, and Chupa. Perhaps (wishful thinking on my part) this means raises might come along sometime soon. Unlikely, but anything’s possible in this wacky world of ours.

Kev’s sis won free tickets to the new 007 flick… so he took the opportunity to blow out of there at a reasonable hour today. Good for him! I hope it’s a halfway decent movie.

PSA-feel free to pass it along.

It’s that time of year. Go get shot. The Flu shot, that is.

Two reasons: First, of course, you don’t want to get sick. Especially, you don’t want to get miserably, incoherently, Stephen-King-The-Stand-everybody-dies sick.

Second and less obvious: If you don’t get sick, you can’t pass the bug to someone else. And even if you are strong and healthy, and shake it off in a week, the person YOU give it to, or the person THEY give it to, may be more vulnerable. The flu kills kids, and old people, and invalids. You don’t want to be part of that chain.

So get vaccinated… and if you get the bug anyway, stay home. Don’t share. With enough immune people, and with enough common sense among those who do catch it, flu season won’t turn into an epidemic, and people will live who otherwise would have died.

Morning light flows in
rose glow changes to orange
time to start again

Robert Culp is a great actor… highly underrated. I’ve been watching old “Outer Limits” episodes on the Sci-Fi channel, and he seems to act in about every third or fourth episode… and he does a great job in them all. I’d like to see nickelodeon or TV Land bring back I Spy… I used to *really* dig that show. Probably one of Bill Cosby’s better roles (clever, but not a goofball comic), too. I don’t think that the Eddy Murphy / Owen Wilson Movie could possibly hold a candle to the old show.

The evil mind controlling rocks episode this morning is great, even though what I just wrote makes it sound goofy as all get out. The title is Corpus Earthling. (#9 on the list) Really… it’s a great episode, I swear.

My back feels great…. comfortable bending, and such. (I’m taking it gently, but it looks pretty darn good so far.)

Sabrina Lloyd gets a job on Ed. I’m glad to see that all of the old Sports Night folks are getting gigs — Jeremy’s been on West Wing, Casey is obviously on Six Feet Under. I think Felicity Huffman had a baby recently, so she hasn’t been working as much (although she also guest starred on West Wing a while back). I don’t know what Josh Charles is up to though.

Dark shadows just started… my cue to change Newt’s litter, hop in the shower, and afterwards shave off my week’s worth of facial scrub grown since a week ago Monday.

Until later, Dear Journal.