This place is Cle-ee-an.

I still spit like a camel about the fact that my landlord, a realtor, and a potential buyer will be walking through here tomorrow *WHEN I’M NOT HOME*… fortunately, I trust the LL to not let Newt out, and to keep a careful eye on my little boy.

I channelled my angsty energy regarding that into a frenzied tornado of cleansing… you could eat off of any surface in the house, even the rear top of the fridge and behind the potty, two of my least favorite places to reach.

Newt’s really digging all the fresh surfaces to hang out, though… I assembled a silly milk-crate shelf that I’d had in the closet since I moved in… but the cardboard boxes are still there, should he wish to have someplace familiar to play. I think I’ll leave Newtcam on tomorrow, and check the archives to see when they came in. They’re supposed to be by about 2pm, and I’d be here if there wasn’t a time-restricted launch happening at work.

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