Don’t tell me you have nothing to read…and a new monster every day!

Bro went to the doc like a good fellow, and is going to get some physical therapy this and next week as a result, plus ice treatments. I’m glad that the doc has high hopes for his mending. Odds are that some stretching and time will put him back in order, probably no operation will be needed.

New project today was a little pesky, the deployment is being delayed until I can grab a few .dll’s from the net to make it work on the machines without crystal reports… or a lazy workaround might be to just install crystal on all of the systems that use the program… I’ll search for a bit tonight, just to keep things neat and clean… some interesting online gigs coming my way via our parent company.

Not much time to write fiction lately…but I did start mumbling a little ditty about puppyfrog.… giving long distance kisses and fearing the garden statues. I really dig the concept… sweetalyssm‘s so cool!

Sent out may packages today… submitted an old manuscript and the treats…. I’m looking forward to seeing my other story end up in print!

long-ol survey.

going to tend to brother before work… I have to make sure he goes to the doctor today…. (I suspect that if I didn’t dog him, he’d skip it.)

dang, it smells good in here… patchouli, champa, and Newtie-freshness.

until tonight, dear journal…. destiny is honking the horn of “gotta-go”.