drat.. the apartment behind me has been rented, and I forgot to pick up Newtie-food tonight. Ah well, tomorrow morning, then.

Hmm… little brother isn’t home from our meeting this evening… I’m going to ring the house up in an hour… I’m hoping he only got slowed down a bit. [update – 10:43, he just called… got stuck on an hourly bus. ]

sending loving and healing vibes to my sweetie… *vibevibevibe*

and now, the Friday five –

1. Laying on your back and facing the ceiling, which side of the bed do you sleep on?
middle, but a little more to the left.

2. Do you have to have covers on at all costs, no matter the weather?
Yup, at least a leetle sheet

3. Sleep nekkid or no? Why?
Usually Nekkid, unless I collapse totally wiped! I’m comfy that way!

4. What’s under your bed?
assorted Newt-toys, some dust bunnies, and a couple of reference books… right now, it’s GURPS Places of Mystery, Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and Prometheus Rising by RA Wilson

5. If you have pets, do you let them sleep with you? Why or why not?
Yup, Newt’s slept with me every night I’ve slept at home since I brought him home…. Why? because I dig snuggles, man! Being cuddled to sleep is the way to go.

Yet another reason to save your work:

I left my last revision to the LRsetup program floating on my system last night… I come in to work today, and the machine is sitting at the login screen. Sometime between 8pm and noon, about an hour’s worth of work was lost, but no problem… my scratchpad still had the saved code in it, and all I had to do. Why, oh why, dear journal, can the developer’s kit for visual studio not implement an “auto-save” feature like my simplest of word processing programs?

doing outsourced data twiddling for a mailing to Peru… has first name, middle, father’s last, mother’s last… I need to do research on how they like to have things formatted “Peruvian Style”. I was happy when I get that ironed out, and could get back to real programming today. I got to ask Lourdes or Chupa about it, because The Rock is out on an extended lunch
today… possibly never to return.

Dealt with the pokey folks at the home office today…, and still no data for the laser room. I really didn’t want to stay late tonight… between them and telemedia playing at lead-butt, It’s a wonder anything will be done before the weekend. The C and X processes have been run for the first, but I can’t go anywhere near the third yet. Ugh… I’m usually well done with this part. At least it’s automated now, if still slow. I like the new format for the x process. fortunately I got to leave at a reasonable hour.

hiding text from search engines: can you guess the word?

I really like making prezzies for my sweetheart. She already knows sort of what one of ’em is, but will be surprised by the others. That reminds me… “Hey Thor! Where’s mah sweetie’s rain, man? I’ve got mine… where’s hers? huh? huh? Speak up, bub!” Silly thunder god.

I forgot to mention last night… the neighbor kid tore up the majority of my plants… only catgrass and sweet alyssum remain… so I gave Newt the catgrass to gnaw on… to make up for his mad from yesterday morn. I never did get around to supper, so now I’m huuuuuunnnnngeeerrrrryyyyy.