Caught on “film” this morn.

Slacking and taking things slow this morning. Not as peeved about being invaded. Newt’s playing milk-ring fetch, and that always makes me smile… broadly. I’m not sure what instinct or set of events caused him to learn that game, but it’s *great* for giving me warm fuzzies… between that, and sweet dreams of my beloved last night, I’m downright jovial!

Thanks, Jason for the following –

Like Google, Yahoo! has a question/answer service and a free one at that. Today’s most popular question is “What gender is Winnie-the-Pooh?” (He’s a he, of course… I didn’t know there was that much debate?) Will my reign as trivia king end, as anyone can find any answer on the net?

Well, I’d best hop in the shower and get moving… until later, dear journal. I leave you with some Newtcam Pics. The cam driver for win2k is pretty nice!

Newt turning into sand like the mummy.

coolest spot in the house... tile just right for him.

tucking in to beddies

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