8322 – Camo-man lurks at the Bus Station.

Strange things afoot at the Bus Station yesterday morning. Unusual man lurking about, patrolling all of the bus bays, hiking at a good clip.

Click here to see him meander past on shaky-animated gif style video. – about 1 meg.

Camo-man has powers similar to the yeti and loch ness monster, as cameras cannot photograph him properly. Is it the suit? His magical giant old-lady sunglasses (complete with rhinestones)? That huge hand-carved walking stick?

Camo Man is a master of stealth. see him blur into the background, predator-like… but without the strange post-nasal drip growl or appearance of a Xenomorph, Danny Glover or Arnold Schwarzenegger trying to smite him.

Back view

Note the long, determined stride, an complete lack of need for the staff for walking.

Sharpest picture of him available. Not the large hand-carved walking stick, and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Perhaps JW’s can dampen Camo-man’s blur field. Investigate getting one to help pursue for tagging and tracking. Pehaps if I just keep a copy of Watchtower or Awake! close at hand, it’ll be enough.

Strange flyers found after camo-man vanished into the morning mists.

Ben and Jerry’s is having their Free Cone Day today from 12-8. go get some free ice cream!

Moment of Lyric (Youtube video)

Once upon a time at the foot of a great mountain,
there was a town where the people known as Happy-folk lived.
Their very existence a mystery to the rest of the world.
Obscured, as it was, by great clouds.
Here they played out their peaceful lives,
innocent of the litany of excess and violence that was growing in the world below.
To live in harmony with the spirit of the mountain called Monkey was enough.
Then one day, Strange folk arrived in the town.
They came in camouflage, hidden behind dark glasses, but no one noticed them.
They only saw shadows. you see, without the truth of the eyes
the Happy folk were blind…

Falling out of airplanes and hiding out in holes.
Waiting for the sunset to come, people going home.
Jump out from behind them and shoot them in the head.
Now everybody dancing, the dance of the dead,
the dance of the dead. the dance of the dead…

In time, the Strange folk found their way into the higher reaches of the mountain,
and it was there that they found the Caves of Unimaginable Sincerity and Beauty.
By chance, they stumbled upon The Place Where All Good Souls Come to Rest.
The Strange folk, they coveted the jewels in these caves above all things,
and soon they began to mine the mountain,
its rich seam fueling the chaos of their own world.

Meanwhile, down in the town, the Happy folk slept restlessly, their dreams invaded by shadowy figures digging away at their souls.
Every day, people would wake and stare at the mountain.
Why was it bringing darkness into their lives?

And as the strange folk mined deeper and deeper into the mountain,
holes began to appear,
bringing with them a cold and bitter wind that chilled the very soul of the Monkey.
For the first time, the Happy folk felt fearful,
for they knew that soon the monkey would stir from its deep sleep.
Then there came a sound, distant at first, that grew into a castrophony so immense,
that it could be heard far away in space.
There were no screams.
There was no time.
The mountain called monkey had spoken.
There was only fire.
And then,

Oh little town in USA, the time has come to see
there’s nothing you believe you want
but where were you when it all came down on me?
Did you call me out?

Dictator Octopusyoutube

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