Well, today was a day of surprises! Saw Robb online…and he’s still the swell guy I remember. He went into “incognito-mode” for a while, but looks to be back on track. (For those just tuning in, Robb was Newt’s first foster-father, way back when, for a brief period before I got him.) Robb’s got a girlfriend now, and sounds very happy. I’m so glad I got to talk to him again! I wonder if he’ll start using his LJ again…

Saw Spider-man with Jenjen… she’s doing well, lost a lot weight so that she can do the transplant thing for her father. I should really hook her up with Kevin… they’d make a cute couple, and I think that they’re well-suited for one another.

I was strangely prophetic with the Spider-man doodle-cartoon…no real spoilers, but the origin sequence was interesting. very loyal to the comics, save for how the web-shooters work, and even that was fine, really.

Planning a “Hawaiian Mother’s Day breakfast” with my brother… he’s making her a lei, and we’ll all wear Hawaiian shirts to IHOP for pancakes and such. His idea, and I think it’s a fun one…. I just have to wrangle a card before 10am tomorrow morning… I’ll swing by Mack’s first thing and get her one there, along with some regular flowers.

Despite really digging galactic battlegrounds and the operative, lately, I find myself really enjoying games like asteroids and bejeweled a lot, too. (I have a little age of kings craving, too.)

Did you know Microsoft was convicted of software piracy last year by a French court? Not many people do. The Commercial Court of Nanterre fined Microsoft 3 million francs because it illegally included another company’s proprietary source code in SoftImage 3D, a top-of-the-line animation package.
Whoa. How did we miss this? Freedom To Innovate Indeed.

Well, let’s see what’s in the fridge… applesauce and beer, and there’s precious little in the cupboard… Time to restock. I’ll do groceries tomorrow after breakfast. (best time to shop is when you’re full!)… so tonight I will have Chinese… Spicy Orange Tofu with Broccoli, and a side of hot green tea, please!

Laundry day, and then lunch, out with Spider-man…. defragging a 120 gig drive doesn’t take as long as I’d suspected… it’s new, yet, though.

more of an update later, dear journal… probably from the palm.