Wow, I just got done chatting with Tman… First Robb pops back out of the woodwork, and now this. I’ve not heard from him or Pix in an age. They’re still an item, and are moving in together in August… I’m so happy for ’em.. they’re an adorable couple. Both are working, Pix is doing Antonios part time, and massage… Tman is still up to his Computer net shenanigans. In honor of them, a long overdue scotto-poll.

Ok, really nigh night, now.

ok.. working on my web page.

Configuration Decisions –

Location of Menu bar Top/Right

Order of Content

Upon Loading – News Page / Links

Other Sections
Biography –
Bear Tracks – Journal – Wall Scrawls
Writing / Publication Status / Programming / Resume’
Message Board – Around the fire / Community
Tiger’s Lair – Newt cam – Gallery / Cam Links / digital photo gallery
Flint tools – Toy box – Radio station / Whiteboard / fun web things
Fossils – archives

Image Size – 96 / 120 dpi

Colors – Easy on the Eyes, Greens, Browns, and Tans, Cooler in the more
static areas, warmer in the more communal zones.

Motif – Natural, simple. Forest / Mountain / Cave / Beach.

Sea Cave – Writing

Do it in CSS1 – no VML.

Selections will have a small icon & rollover features.

Newtcam – Sun
Journal – Bear Tracks
Writing – hunting party? one of those hand outlines?
Toybox – arrowheads
Community – fire
Resume’ – ?

Called the landlord up, and he knew nothing about this morning… and is also angry at the realtor. I no longer hold the landlord responsible for any of this nonsense.

Ok, here’s the deal. I know of 2 possible other places to go, one’s a condo that I could buy… the other is a similarly priced one-bedroom apartment, that’s close enough to work that I could walk there. (a longish walk, mind you… but doable)

I could stand to own some property, if it looks good, though….not a bad investment.

Under tenant’s rights in Florida, I can call the police next time a realtor goes into my apartment without my permission… and I’ve now posted notice on my door that nobody is allowed entry without first having written permission from me beofore entering, lest they be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, with a copy of statute 823 posted and highlighted for their reference. Also in the note is direction to telephone me at least 12 hours before sending an inspector over, or no audiance will be permitted under any circumstances. I tried to be nice, but they took advantage. Similar postings are on 3 of the four other residences in the building.

It’s illegal to change the locks without the landlord’s permission, but posting no trespassing does make it additionally illegal to step inside unless they have an appointment, or it’s an emergency, like a gas leak or fire.

Ugh… termite inspector came by at 7 am, and caught me heading out for walkies. If I’d been asleep (like the guy next door) there’d have been a problem. Apparently she didn’t call anyone to let us know that this guy would be here.

Strike Two for the new landlord and realtor. I’m going to give her a ring tonight and formally request notification at least 24 hours in advance about such stuff, and post a card on my door for any future visitors stating – “Please do not disturb. If an appointment was made, please call the real estate agent and tell them that you were not permitted to come in because I was not notified. If you are the realtor, please call next time, and we can work out a mutually agreeable time for a visit. Thank you.”

Hopefully today I can put more work into my website… get the skeleton worked out at least, and convert the concept into some solid CSS level one.

The tough part is going with what style to run with… I think I’ll pick one, and run with it.. once it’s in CSS, swapping out should be simple enough… (he said, knowing full well that weirdness does pop up.)

Pretty day out this morning… no sign of the impending week of wet…. but that’s how it is, here. like flicking a switch.