Funny, what sets off a memory. Journal entry # 4222

Random Scotto factoid: until high school, I attended a different school every year.. sometimes two or three. Massachusetts, Virginia, DC, Florida… all up and down the east coast.

Random Scotto memory –

In about the third or fourth grade… I forget when, exactly. I was in VA at the time, and I feel that I was taking a bus in to school, though it may have been a private transport. I hung out with two or three kids that I liked, and my brother was still very little, but was in school, but a different location. Kindergarten, I think.1 One of the first days into the new school year, we all introduced ourselves to the rest of the class… talked about family, hobbies, favorite toys, and whatever. For some reason, I said that I had a twin brother and that he didn’t go to the school I was at because he needed “special doctors”. I used my younger brother’s name for that of my twin’s, and got some odd looks from the teacher.

Later that day, (week?) some school authority called my parents to confirm the story that night. I was in the room at the time when the phone call came in, and as soon as I heard my dad say “Twin?” I knew that I was caught. I can remember the look I got from him to this day… the trademark “Mr. Spock / Lee Majors single-eyebrow lift” and got a talking to. “Why did you lie to your teachers and classmates, Scott? What was your reasoning?” 2 My reply at the time was “I don’t know… I just did.” I was told in no uncertain terms that I’d been raised better than that, and was confined to my room that night. Being sent to my room was no big deal 3, but I was unhappy that I’d disappointed my parents. Before bed, I’d resolved to apologize to the teacher and class the next day.

The next morning, the teacher whose face I can’t remember asked me about my “twin brother,” in front of the whole class. A little annoyed that I couldn’t introduce the topic and apologize properly, I replied pretty nonchalantly 4 for a little kid with “Oh, I made that up…my brother’s too little for this school, that’s why he doesn’t go here… I thought it’d be a neater story if I’d said he was weird like that. I’m sorry for telling a lie… My brother is nice.” 5 The apology was accepted, and the fib was pretty much glossed over from there on.

I wonder if that teacher remembers me, and those events at all? It had to have been about 25 years ago. I know that I made an impression on my high school teachers…I’d get feedback from my brother later on from teachers that’d had me, and then him, a few years later.

quick question:

I forgot to mention that the bro gave me his little gargoyle statue… Newt likes to pimp-slap it around as best he can with little bippity-bips from between the monitors. He can just get enough reach to tap the face.

Just deleted a totally off-topic post in the . I hope that the person who wrote it doesn’t become a problem.

I’m a compulsive downloader… woke up this morning, and discovered Dude that’s my car, scorpion king, and donnie darko.

Why did I download “dude?”… I don’t know, but I’m watching it now in the background. It’s acturally, pretty stupid-funny. (six minutes into it.) I’m sure stoners would delight in the ensuing shenanigans.

I don’t know if I should burn it to a cd after viewing, or delete it. It’s mystery is only surpassed by its power.

Alice in wonderland pic