Deep inside a placid grove
Where we find comfortable rest
There exists a hidden, small pond
Brimming with clear water, surrounded by reeds;
And as our mind-moons brighten together
She and I see its echoes reflected therein.

Hmmm… I can’t seem to maintain my DSL connection when I’m away from the machine… for some reason it drops signal and then can’t reconnect. If this keeps up, I won’t be able to use this service as a reliable web-host like I’d planned. Ah well, I may be seeking other living quarters soon, anyhow… not sure what to make of a new landlord that has no respect for privacy and personal space.

some quiz bits

Back from Mother’s Day Breakfast… the lei Derek made for mom was very nice. We tried to get piccies of the three of us, but the guy we asked couldn’t figure out the point and click aspect of the digital camera… got a couple wacky shots, but nothing worth posting. After breakfast, mom showed us a few condos that she’s thinking about getitng, and we called Grammy up on the phone to wish her some good cheer too.

From what I hear, Derek was up late last night with his new buddy, Charlie… she sounds like a nice gal. They met at starbucks and seem to have a lot in common. I think she has a livejournal, too… I’ll have to get the address from her when we meet.

a pic of my mom and brother in front of IHOP, and an obligatory newton shot