I got in late to work…the Neurologist sent me off to get an MRI.

Not for the claustrophobic, at all, at all. They strapped me into position, across the shoulders, waist and thighs. I was feeling like Hannibal Lechter or Frankenstein by the time I was done… once strapped in, they injected me with some tracking dye, too.. Lots of interesting interior photography taken, though. I’m going to try and get a copy for myself next trip to the doc’s.

The MRI tech was nice, but the neurologist was a foul-tempered little Indian man. Picture Apu from the Simpsons berating me for not remembering certain parts of my medical history… (I reply “not to my knowledge” verbally on things I’m not sure of, but think are no… like “Allergies to drugX?” He preferred yes or no, instead.

Had a nice gab today during work with my beloved, *and* got quite a lot done…Now I must clean house for the visitors that are coming by tomorrow at 2pm… when I’m at work. Grrr.

Off to my own Neurologist appointment this morning at 10. Hopefully he’ll show me some options I didn’t have before. The back is fine right now, but I’d like some more preventative medicine in case of the inevitable future problem.

Remembering a scientific discovery I made as a child… I’ve probably written about it here before, but it’s been a while since I’ve thought about it.

It occurred to me that given two known ideas can produce a third, new, unknown concept, and that while there may not be anything new under the sun… applied knowledge can put a new twist on things, anyhow.

Here’s the thing –

1. The human brain transmits electrical impulses from neuron to neuron, for information retrieval and storage, in the form of current.

2. An electromagnet derives its abilities as a magnet from electrical current all travelling in the same direction along a conductor.

So, it’d follow that if you thought the right collection of memories, you could magnetize your head. Maybe holding the thought of your third birthday, while sniffing a rose and scratching your bellybutton would do it.

I was a kid when I first thought of this, but I’d never met anyone that’d heard of that application of two concepts before, and that sort of made me feel special. It still does, honestly…sometimes I’ve wondered if I’d ever had any thoughts that *nobody* had before. I wonder how many and what other original ideas have been lost just in my lifetime because a person didn’t get a chance to share them with anyone else.

What applications could be made to take advantage of that discovery? Heck, I don’t know, could be anything. As a kid, I used to envision a *super* magnet-head… being able to pull myself up into the sky by focusing on a passing airplane, or fend off lightning bolts walking in thunderstorms. Now, I wonder if the brain produces enough voltage to change a compass needle or perhaps erase a floppy disk pressed to the forehead…. both would be neat tricks.