mad newt!

Newtie didn’t like me leaving for work this morning…blocked the door as I was leaving, in fact… but was more than happy to have me back tonight. His current toy – a Halloween plastic spider-ring. perfect combination of lightweight, looks like prey, and is easily batted around and fetched.

us holding hands on sea serpent-back

The things I daydream about at work… my sweetheart and I enjoying a day at the beach, with the loch ness monster (Nessie is the one in sunglasses.)… worked a little bit on a stick figure “flip book” animation, too, but didn’t finish it. I discovered that I’m not limited to screen-size in teal paint, but I can only see about 160 x 160 pixels at a time. Hopefully 576 isn’t too wide for my reader’s friend’s lists… if it is, I’ll put it behind LJ cut.

I found out that the apartments behind mine are going for about what mine is now… actually a little less, because the cable is free. I’m pondering a move because of the new landlord, and I’ve heard good things about that one. I don’t want to have to hole up in a hotel while they tent this place, or do renovations.. plus, the buyer has little respect for personal space.

I made a phone call to Thor, the thunder god… there will be rain where requested tomorrow.

Thinking that there should be fortune animal crackers, and other fortune foods… maybe printed on the side of corn chips in vegetable dye? Written in colored cheese on pizza… connected letters in alpha-bits, like magnetic poetry you can eat.

Am I psychic, or just observant? Sometimes I think it’s a little of both. I like the word “Delve”. I consider myself a Delver. I like to think I see things that are hidden from most eyes. (I sometimes see things that aren’t there at all, except in my mind, too.)

I am linus
Which Peanuts Character Are You Quiz

Hmm… let’s see what’s for supper… something easy. tomato ramen and a can of veggies, methinks.

The “Sunshine State” indeed… how about the “rumbling gray-skied rain that makes Scotto want to nap state”?

from pserv

The linguistic equivalent of an ecological disaster is looming, say researchers, who warn that 90 per cent of the world’s languages are likely to disappear by 2050.

*waves bye bye to British Romani, Tofi…. I hope good records are maintained, anyhow. Sort of reminds me of yesterday’s thoughts on how we look.

Just to play the devil’s advocate… is this such a bad thing, really? Is common ground for thought an acceptable substitute for diversity? Sort of like preserving an endangered species…the heart might be in the right place, but perhaps there’s a reason for it to be dying out, too… Making way for the bigger, stronger, or more adaptable things. Besides, we have people creating new languages, too… Not that I really want to hang with the folks who speak Elvish or Klingon, but Esperanto is a noble-enough calling. How’s that old gag go? “People who speak three or more languages are multilingual, two languages are bilingual, and one language are American.

Wouldn’t one common, unifying tongue be more beneficial, overall?