Thank goodness for the internet… I had Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back (freshly downloaded last night to CD)going in the background as I chew on my daily ration of programming hubbub.

I saw by peeking into my cam at home (on an available machine… still no local access.. bah!) that the people were by… and though I was told that they were only going to check to see if the appliances worked… they opened and went into my closet. There are *no outlets* there, and the only thing at all is a clothes-pole for hanging things. I’m pretty put out about that. Upside, it looks like Newt is hale and hearty. I’m sure I’ll hear nothing about the inspection at all unless I ask.

Did I mention that I really dislike having people I don’t really know at my house when I’m not there?

Ah, well, I’m home now, and decompressing, gabbing with my sweet pea. Life is good.

N.A.L.C.’s 10th Annual “Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive”

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It’s not too early to plan for the National Association of Letter Carrier’s 10th Annual “Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.”

This coming Saturday, May 11th, letter carriers will collect non-perishable food items along their routes. Just leave the items in a bag near your mailbox for Saturday’s pickup – take it out Friday night if you have an early delivery time. Last year, they collected over 70 million pounds of food. It doesn’t have to be a lot per household to make a big difference. Postcards should arrive in the mail before Saturday announcing the food drive.

You can find more info on this here.

Thanks for helping! It applies to all places that use the United States Postal Service.

Caught on “film” this morn.

Slacking and taking things slow this morning. Not as peeved about being invaded. Newt’s playing milk-ring fetch, and that always makes me smile… broadly. I’m not sure what instinct or set of events caused him to learn that game, but it’s *great* for giving me warm fuzzies… between that, and sweet dreams of my beloved last night, I’m downright jovial!

Thanks, Jason for the following –

Like Google, Yahoo! has a question/answer service and a free one at that. Today’s most popular question is “What gender is Winnie-the-Pooh?” (He’s a he, of course… I didn’t know there was that much debate?) Will my reign as trivia king end, as anyone can find any answer on the net?

Well, I’d best hop in the shower and get moving… until later, dear journal. I leave you with some Newtcam Pics. The cam driver for win2k is pretty nice!

Newt turning into sand like the mummy.
a couple more pics

This place is Cle-ee-an.

I still spit like a camel about the fact that my landlord, a realtor, and a potential buyer will be walking through here tomorrow *WHEN I’M NOT HOME*… fortunately, I trust the LL to not let Newt out, and to keep a careful eye on my little boy.

I channelled my angsty energy regarding that into a frenzied tornado of cleansing… you could eat off of any surface in the house, even the rear top of the fridge and behind the potty, two of my least favorite places to reach.

Newt’s really digging all the fresh surfaces to hang out, though… I assembled a silly milk-crate shelf that I’d had in the closet since I moved in… but the cardboard boxes are still there, should he wish to have someplace familiar to play. I think I’ll leave Newtcam on tomorrow, and check the archives to see when they came in. They’re supposed to be by about 2pm, and I’d be here if there wasn’t a time-restricted launch happening at work.