The Chopping Block…one-panel cartoons. Dark and scribbly, with a hint of irony and a whimsical bouquet. Vaguely reminiscient of Edward Gorey, but it’s no Gashleycrumb Tinies.

I’ve been told that I sound like a little boy on the phone by two lj-ers now… I suppose I overcompensate for my gorilloid appearance. Also, they’re nice folks, so I put on my “sweetie-voice”.

I’m thinking good thoughts for , and hope her baby comes today with a minimum of stress and delay. She’s got contractions 4 min apart, and back labor as we speak… out li’l bebe! out to see the world! Epidural is started.

Newt’s stalking something by the doorjamb…I can’t see it, but he’s staring intently at the crease there. I suspect he’s just being a looney.

Neurologist appointment 5/2, first thing in the morning… a battery of tests to focus on preventing my back hurting like it did a while back again. That just was the worst, and if I never feel that pain again, it’ll be too soon.

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