Sleeping in airports. (here’s mine! How nice, it’s an acceptable one.) Hmm… scary that Miami is as acceptable… must be the security. I wish I’d known about it when I was sans a place to live. Living on the beach isn’t too bad, but I’m glad those days are behind me.

singing eugene has added a few songs since last year, too. go visit virtual om, too. I could stare stupidly at either for quite a while.

going beddy bye, now… nighters, all.

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

Mondays are wonderful to come home to Newt… he missed me after having me around all weekend, so he’s all crazy-lovey. It took ten solid minutes of cat-squishing to get him to relax and knowI’m in with him for the night…so he can dash off, and hang out on the cardbard boxes.

found a new supplier for goodies… that video card is $100, and looks to be easily installed. I look forward to having that machine up and solid…I’m going to bring the laptop in to work once I have the big machine solid, and back her up there… I’m contemplating the new network… point (palm), Line (laptop), Square (Web server), and Cube for Big Boy. Or maybe not.

Ack! Dang Yahoo!

There was a problem accessing your account.
Please try back again in 10 minutes. You might want to try logging out and logging back in again. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you.


ah… scalding hot shower on my rhino hide feels sooooo good after a long day. my shoulders are still steaming.

War Ellie figs from Warhammer Ancient Battles. I want a battle elephant! If I don’t get carving soon, I’m going to yodel or something. (note, of course, my ellie-carving skills are mighty crude, compared to the folks that did those miniatures. I really like the quilted armor about five down.)

peaceful ellies!

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I slept eight hours last night, but it doesn’t feel like it was enough… usually a hot shower and a walk fixes me up, but no dice this go around. no recollection of the evening’s dreams. I’d like to blame the time change, but I’m not sure that’s what did it.

I wonder if I’m the only one suffering with yahoo mail this weekend… lots of trouble getting into the inbox the first time in. usually, I’ll see everyone else griping about thaty sort of thing in their lj’s.

part of an email from Rick…

I tried to make it through a Queer As Folk episode. This is the show about gay people who have gay sex and talk about their gayness in between eating gay food and working at their gay jobs. It sucks. It depicts gay people in the same way the average UPN sitcom mirrors the rich tapestry of African-American life.

Heh… I’ve never seen QAF, but I trust his judgement. I’m not sure why it’s ok for people of any group to hold themselves up to a stereotype when nobody else can. I’m sort of an all or nothing mindset, really (leaning to the everyone can mock everyone, if they want to). I’ve never been very fond of political correctness…I think some things are simply correct or not.

on another tack –

custom signs – … I want to make a bunch… silly, the things that amuse me. I only wish that they had more “falling rocks and children crossing” style, but you can upload your own image, if you like. I’m probably going to play with it more when I get home from work tonight.

I’ve watched a pot until it boiled, and I don’t even have heat vision. I then made macaroni and cheese, with peas and little pearl onions… so take that, cliche’!