Annoying day.

Thought that the video process was all worked out, but it’s kicking good records into a reject state. Getting a good error report from the users is like pulling teeth… “It’s broken.. fix it” No information as to how or where it’s broken though.

Imagine going into a doctor and saying “I’m hurt or sick… heal me” and not giving any symptoms. They don’t need to know any of the technical terms, but mentioning a limp, or pain someplace specifically can help someone trace theproblem.

Speaking of Which, I went to the doctor’s today… Blood work came back wonderful, though my cholesterol is up from my wonderfully low of 114 to 136. (still good) I’ve been redirected to a nerve specialist and some physical therapy. I’m feeling pretty positive about this because it means I’ll be getting into some serious shape. When I first hurt my back, recovery-wise, I was in the best fitness-level of my life… I plan on trying to stay to whatever workout plan is given me this go ’round. The trick is to just make it a habit, like taking care of Newt or making a point
of reading a little bit every day. My only worry is making sure that there’s enough time in the day for everything I want to budget in.

Only got a passing brush with my sweetie-monkey yesterday… she and I were working like devils today, too. Hopefully tomorrow will allow for more contact. (or at least a rest!)

Tomorrow is Dexter-puppy Thursday…that’ll make things a little nicer.

I was late to the doc’s, by about 20 minutes, and was chastised for it. my reply was. “You’re right… people should be on time for scheduled meetings, and I apologise for my misdeed. Tell me again why you’ve had me wait multiple hours the last few times?”

The Wendy’s garden salad is *good*, especially with a baked potato. Yum! what a tasty supper! My beloved would be proud of me, I even ate the cherry tomatoes.

Brother Went to a pre-court hearing, and it looks good… that silly cop is bonus-screwed… bro is mending slowly, but is repairing. He lost his job, as season has pretty much ended. He’s got a gig working for a bakery though, to see him through, plus another potential other on the horizon.

Scanning the LJ… looks like a lot of people are having bad days. Sorry, gang… I hope that the good stuff hits the fan, and sprays you all as liberally as the poo.

I’ve found a lot of great government-hosted sites, and my favorite of those from the past few weeks has been the Freedom of Information Act stuff from the files of the F.B.I. – lots of huge (and I do mean huge – hope you’ve got a fast connection) PDF files filled with scans of old newspaper clippings, office memos and other good stuff on subjects ranging from the death of John Dillinger to cattle mutilations. The truth is out there, and it’s in slow-downloading bitmap form.