ok… we got tenchi, cowboy bebop, and all of sat night’s adult swim set to record. (I also programmed myself justice league and sealab 2021.)

cats and dogs is on hbo… oh my…. I never did get to see it before. it’s cute!

The Phantom Patriot-
Wearing a skeleton mask, body armor and a costume emblazoned with the words “Phantom Patriot,” a man infiltrated the 2,700-acre Bohemian Grove, site of a secretive annual retreat featuring some of the most powerful men in the United States. He was arrested after a brief stand-off with police, and later told investigators he was prompted to act after hearing a Texas-based radio talk-show host discuss possible child sacrifice at the site.

Toilet paper capital of world’ prepares for exhibition– Write your own punchline.

remember little red monkee? they’ve been busy. Check out monkee tv!

aye, ’twas a Courage-a-thon. sweetie is out of anime luck… time to dig a bit for her other faves.

had a nice afternoon with the bro, he got a work windfall, so he paid me $200 back, and picked himself up a ps2, and a boxing 2002 game. (I got him grand theft auto 3, because he deserves a good car /shooter game.) we met at the bookstore, where I burned up my birthday gift card on a great book of free verse. (a book of free verse costs $19 american… so much for free)

bro was hungry to play his games so we cut it short, and I went to einsteins’ bagels for lunch. tasty goodness.

palm update

got together with bro briefly today… he gave me $200 of the money that I loaned him, and some vids from an age ago. he also picked up a playstation and a 2002 boxing game. i got him grand theft auto 3 (no system is complete without a crazy car game… especially one where you can also shoot or run over drug dealers and cops.)

he headed home to play with his new toy… I’m now at einstein’s bagels, enjoying a nice hippy-food bagel. again, no good movies playinq… spidey next weekend, though. I think I’ll check and see if I know anyone at the theatre anyway.

until later!