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Farenheit 451 on AMC, and late night peanut butter sammiches with a side of Newt-snuggles. Spiff! I wonder how many people know that walking outside or driving slowly, was as frowned upon as reading books in the f451 universe? Bradbury is still one of my all-time favorite authors… Dandilion Wine being perhaps my fave of his many books. Newt’s stopped snuggling… he wants a chase around the apartment… just the thing before bedtime, methinks. He’s such a good, soft, sleek, foolish little monkey.

nighty-night, dear journal.

the colors….

I’m concerned for my brother. He’s taking too much of his ‘scrip and now has to wait a week with none before he can see his doc to get more. I’m pissed. The last thing he should be doing is abusing his medication… that stuff is very addictive. He needs to go to the doctor tomorrow, tell him what he’s done, and get a proper dosage, if he needs a higher one. Hopefully, that’s what’ll happen… He has a potentially good gig at a new place, but they want him to cut his hair… and he’s not into that. I can understand that…. a need for some personal freedom is important, and he does have gainful employment now.

I’m concerned about his health and well-being, and will be calling him a lot in the next few days…I hope he doesn’t get sick of me peeking in, and trying to help.

A mind-bogglingly bad idea: the so-called “Victim’s Rights Amendment.” They want to put “victims and victims families first” by getting around that pesky due process thingy and ensuring that far more innocent people go to the chair. Apparently, someone missed a civics class.

I still would rather see ten guilty men go free than see one innocent man suffer.

Ooooh…. robot house-cleaner, will sell for under $200. (sweeps and mops!) I wonder how Newt would deal with it.

Joe Lamond, president and chief executive officer of International Music Products Association, listens as his fellow witness Elmo of Sesame Street testifies during a House Labor, Health and Human Services, Education Appropriations Committee hearing on Capitol Hill Tuesday, April 23, 2002, in Washington. The two were testifying in favor of school music education.

update on my palm-synch… I saw that Raymond is still working there….a nice guy, but he was working hard when I was visiting. Spidey doesn’t open untime the weekend after next, though. Maybe I’ll check out the sneak preview?

one ring to rule them all. hee hee

In today’s Onion-

Opium-Inspired Ad Executive Composes Epic Tums Jingle
CHICAGO— An eight-hour opium binge resulted in a towering work of advertising Sunday, when DDB Needham copywriter Brian Lisi gave birth to an epic 400-line radio jingle for Tums. “When Vulcan’s fires spout and rage / within a roiling acid sea / let work the soothing tablet Tums / The Hell-sear’d forge within becomes / sweet alkaloid esprit,” the jingle begins before detouring into iceberg imagery believed to represent Tums’ new “Cool Relief” flavor. The ad, which begins production in June, is expected to run nearly 90 minutes.

Before I forget-

I dreamt last night that people had retractable, collapsable legs, like dorf. It made sitting down simpler, as the ankles retreated into the knee, and the knee retreated into the hip. I don’t recall if the arms worked the same way or not. It was very vivid, and the legs contracted via force of will, not a button or lever, though the sensation was mechanical.

Catgrass #2 (unchewed) is growing long, and the stalks are too heavy to hold themselves up anymore. I might let Newt go nanny-goat on it, and give it a haircut. I’m really quite entertained by the rapid growth of all the herbs….I want to get a big box to put under my window.

Now, it’s off to work. see you tonight, dear journal. I’m in the mood for crispy pancakes now….