Slow day at work today… launch postponed until I can get Bonnie to take a minute so I can reboot the machines. That minute wasn’t there today.

Back’s doing great! Not even a hint of the prior trouble today… I hope it keeps up.

Just synched up a new pile of ebooks into the palm, along with the new onion and newspapers… a delight to have a library I can take anywhere.

Melanie Griffith’s Website is disturbing to me… sounds and such. Bleh. But these are very spiffy indeed spokes things.

Wolf Files for this week: Parents are reaching a new level of tacky by endowing their kids with names like “Poppy Honey”, “Unique” and “Gouda”. I myself don’t want to be out of style, so I’m naming my child “Kiwi Kumquat”. Who the devil names their kid “Veal”? (That’s even a sick nickname, let alone a real one.)

space men I’ve spent a bit of time looking for an army men link I neglected to link to, before… it had star trek army men, little federation and klingons form the original show, and I mentioned them to today at work. Of course, upon seeking them out, evaporation. I wonder if the site died, or a link was removed from another site. the best I could find were here, so far. This is a great army man link resource, also, but no star trek… I thought this was the place, I’m nearly sure of it! The clones on this page are priced right… $6 for 100 men. why so cheap? I think it’s for making you put up with an embedded midi on all the pages they have.

by the way…test

Nice walk this morning, but kept it brief… had a song on my lips, but I don’t know what it was. Something whistle-y, like the end credits to buckaroo banzai, or the charlie brown theme. baby sharks are not cute. they are just smaller versions of the big ones. I think that defeats the awww-cuties factor of the show. I do like the term “pupping” though for giving birth. I have about 4 people that are due for a pupping on my reading list… I wonder when the first one will pop out?

I’ve just finished writing about 2000 words into a story that I’ve neglected for far too long…I’ve discovered that I’d rather be poked in the eye than transcribe, so I’ll be doing most of my writing electronically again, either on the palm or laptop. Contemplating getting a stowaway keyboard for the palm, but I want to see if it’s really a faster and more comfortable way to write…. it might be simpler to just use the palm, and let any typos get remedied in post-production after synching it to the computer. Maybe this tiny version is an option.

Some successful programming this morning, I think the laser room is ready to go live with the new interface…I know that they may never see the easter eggs in there, but it’s still fun to have ’em.

Ouch! today’s the first day of 10 digit phone dialing… that’s going to screw up all our local phone room calling. I’m going to have to go in and twiddle all the numbers. d’oh. it was hard enough to call a cab!

The dials on Scotto’s universe today are – (An upgrade to the dashboard, with the help of )

Spectra-Analyzer (Monochrome / 4-Color / True-Color / Thermograph / X-Ray )
MPAA Rating (G / PG / R / NC-17)
Kill switch (Off / On / Wanton Murderous Rage)
Weirdness Tank (Empty / Low / Half / High / Full)
Laugh-O-Matic (Serious / Satirical / Witty / Wacky / Insane)
Cliche Blender (Pulse / Blend / Puree / Oh, Ugh!)
Global Soundtrack Volume (off, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11!)
Personal Soundtrack Volume (off, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11!)
Batteries (Empty / Low / Half / High / Full)