funny phrases of the day – breasticle nectar satisfies for only about 2 hours – by my beloved.

that and “it’s like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain!”

I just spent about an hour or so on the phone with the bro… he’s going in for orientation tomorrow at his new gig. I’m confident that he’ll do well, and perhaps will move up to bartending there soon.

Recommitting to taking the bus in to work this week… so, my entries will be appearing an hour or so earlier, I suspect. I’ll want to be at the stop by 10. Walkies will take place right around sunup (6:30ish-7:30), and then a shower and ready by 8:30 or 9… I just have to tuck in earlier.. right after adult swim, methinks. speaking of hitting the sack early, I think my sweetie got kidnapped after her shower by the venus-flytrap nap-bed.

a loaf of bread, a container of milk, and a stick of butter. What’s with all the people deleting this week? Is there something in the air? I think that half a dozen folks either are taking a leap, or contemplating it. I don’t get it… but to each their own. I hope the people I like find happiness in whatever decision they make. 🙂

growing tired now… hopefully I’ll get my ‘pooter put together tomorrow, ideally by the weekend.

A random Scotto factoid or two – I’ve never taken any course as Pass / Fail ever. Not sure why that is.

There’s not a whole lot that I’d do for a klondike bar. maybe take one if offered. Now if a friend asked me to cluck like a chicken or babysit, I would despite ice cream in the deal or not.

wacky link to my journal peapod the pocket squirrel… I’m number one on the google search for that!

I’ll spread the meme, but only because I really like the title page more than the after animation.

spooky pictures of castles and towers

What a totally sad ending for justice league…the least they could’ve done is helped rebuild the destroyed world… I am glad that they dedicated it to Gardner Fox, though. Sort of a nasty dig of “Ray Thompson” and Roy Thomas.

Looks like that tape is about full…I’ve just got to fit about 30 minutes more. This Saturday (after I get paid, and can get ot the PO) I can ship off so many of those things I’ve been meaning to mail for ages.

Fresh and clean from the shower, house smells like champa, and I have a slight patchouli aroma. Now, I crave the first meal of the day. Nibbling on Newt-ears doesn’t cound as part of this complete breakfast.

I think a walk to the grove and bakery is in order. A loaf of french bread, a gallon of orange juice, and tasty orange blossom honey…. I have some raspberry tea and cereal here to polish it off…. and it’s a beautiful day for a meandering trundle out in the sun. I’ll return home after, set up a little picnic, and relax here the rest of the day. Sounds like a plan to me.

I look forward to seeing my beloved tonight, hanging out and relaxing… recounting our Saturdays to each other, and just enjoying each other’s company. Hopefully, she got to blow off some work-steam out last night… she’s been working very hard these last few weeks.

Dirty dozen on the TV… man, Charles Bronson was always a dog-face, wasn’t he? He looks like he’s part monkey, part Robert Blake.

Ok, enough lounging… time to get up and feed my belly and wanderlust.

See you later, dear journal.

some doodles

Newt Bips a Skeleton.doodlesignature drawn as only shapes... looks nothing like what I'd draw.

Backstory on the Newton de-skulling the skellie in a cemetary pic… this morning I was awakened by a gentle bippity-bip of a Newtie paw…somehow that got integrated into my dream of walking through a graveyard. In my half-awake stupor, I envisioned him hopping, predator-bunny like, from tombstone to tombstone, smacking the long-bleached bones into tall piles of shiny white that fall with the sound of wind chimes (or maybe gamelan and xylophone tones). It occurs to me that the skeletons should’ve been buried in the ground or at least had some tatters of clothing on, but that simply wasn’t the case… most of them were sitting crosslegged, or even standing on top of the different plots, leaning on the headstones.

After talking with my brother last night, I’ve got Bali and its music on the brain, which might be where the gamelan sounds came from… but the boneyard was very western, “almost a boot hill” style. The bippity-bip completely overwrote the rest of my previous dream memory.

Is chocolate-bubble gum a good milkshake flavor? I rather lean to mint-chocolate chip or pineapple/blueberry.

Well, I’ve slacked enough this Lazy Sunday…time to reboot and take a shower. see you later, dear journal.