hmm… just got done singing a lullabye version of Bodies by Drowning Pool in goo-goo papa-baby talk voice to Newt. He seemed to dig it. I know I did.

My brother is doing quite well today, his new doctor is treating himright, and has him on a good sports medicine doc. I may even look him up, should my back tweak out on me agian anytime soon.

I missed an opportunity to go to the movies with trhe hippies tonight…they left a message at 2ish…I guess I was doing the laundry, and didn’t discover the voicemail until just now. Shoot! I’d have liked to go see a few things that are playing… Ice Age, Death to Smoochy, or even Clockstoppers. Ah well… next time. Spilled milk, I guess. Looks like I’ll resolve to do Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure on VH1, instead.

update- Hey! I didn’t know that Billy the kid was also the actuarial program from Tron!

Four Color Parade

The parade isn’t over yet for all of us “Four Color” Fans. With the monumental success of X-men and Blade in the movie theaters, Hollywood has more movies from the Comic Book/Superhero genre in the works. Doing a little digging at has gleaned two-fistfuls of movies (Daredevil – Jan 2003, Xmen2 – May 2003, Hulk – June 03, Catwoman – 2003, Mage – 2004, Batman: Year one – 2004, Watchmen – 2004, Ironman – 2004, Fantastic Four – 2004 or 2005, Superman (the next movie) – 2004 or 2005) either in the works or in the concept stage.

story idea? I always did dig zombies.

The Yellow Pestilence –

“This life tells us that Shortly after Saint Teliavus had received the pastoral care of the Church of Llandaff, on account of a pestilence which nearly destroyed the whole nation he was obliged to leave Wales. It was called the Yellow Pestilence, because it made everyone it attacked yellow and bloodless; it appeared to men in the form of a column consisting of a watery cloud passing over the whole region. Everything living that it touched with its pestilential breath either died straightway or became sick unto death.”

Seemingly this Yellow Pestilence appeared with some frequency; a vaporous cloud that floated gently down the valleys, descending on St David’s and rained down on the populace. All who were touched by the cloud, or who breathed of it, were struck down by the yellow plague, becoming lethargic, sick and finally turning yellow before succumbing to death.

What if there was more to it than that…?

In a time when buboes herald the coming of death across the land, and villages close their boundaries to all outsiders, turn away those travellers trapped between settlements and rain arrows on messengers who may carry the black death between towns, the Yellow Pestilence strikes in the valleys.

The villagers sicken turning bright yellow in hue, and die, only to rise again as the Yellow Pestilence feeds them.

And then clings to them, carried by their dead steps to another village.

And another.

And another.

Maybe actually apply this story to modern times. The plague is unearthed by miners and only by researching old myths can the zombies be stopped. If there’s time.

wakey wakey, corny flakey!

slept solidly last night… got my mojo in gear. Only a few chores to do today…laundry, general cleanup, and maybe a little shopping for some seeds to plant out front. Possibly some diddling with the web server project too.

strong lazybones urge, though… It’ll fall away once I get moving and this ape-cat stops lounging on my right foot, like a striped slipper. (that’s how I’ll decide when to get up….when he does. meantim, I’ll keep a-surfin’ and a-slackin’.

there… he’s up, and so am I.

Laundry, hoooo!

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization claims to be “the only scientific organization probing the bigfoot/sasquatch mystery.” The site is full of Bigfoot/Sasquatch legends, theories, evidence (or lack thereof), research and projects, and news.

BFRO maintains a dubious, but thorough database of Sasquatch sightings around the world. Bigfoot gets around, that there have even been a few sightings in South Florida!

Here’s a cam cutaway to what my region is looking like.
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