Tubers and Spermaceti Ointment. Hee… sounds like a porno at an old-folks home.

Updated the links section of my homepage… got rid of some sites, and added a few that were long overdue.

My beloved’s off with the gals tonight, so I’ll probably chill out on the homefront and get a few projects together. Polish off the new story, and maybe watch Mothman Prophecies… downloaded it via kazaa… I’ve already seen Panic Room. (It’s ok, but no great shakes. I liked the Phil K short story better. A *lot* better)

Use for Hot Potatoes.

Dr. Herbert Claiborne of New York, something of an inventive genius and noted for good looks as well as for medical skill, suffers from cold hands in the winter. And nothing will warm his fingers except hot water, a hot fire or a hot potato. He can be seen almost any frosty morning marching along at five miles an hour with a hot potato in each overcoat pocket and his hands grasping the tubers. He has two big potatoes piping hot wrapped in silk handkerchiefs for this purpose. “They will keep your hands warm for hours unless you happen to sit on ’em,” he says. “They are great for a football match or when you go sleigh riding.”

Minnetonka Record, March 8, 1907

Some New Recipes.
To Remove Pimples:Two ounces of bi-carbonate of soda, one drachm of glycerine, one ounce of spermaceti ointment.

Curry and Kidneys: Remove every particle of fat from the kidneys, cut in squares, put them in salt and water for thirty minutes, then on the stove to cook in clear cold water. When cooked add one onion and one apple.

Iceland Moss Chocolate: Dissolve one ounce of Iceland moss in one pint of boiling milk; boil one ounce of chocolate for five minutes in one pint of boiling water; thoroughly mix the two, and give it to the invalid night and morning. This is a highly nutritive drink for invalids.

Broiled Tripe: Cut up honey-comb tripe into pieces from three to four inches wide; rub a little oil or melted butter over them, dredge them in flour, and broil over a charcoal fire; squeeze a little lemon-juice over each piece, and serve. Never broil tripe over a hard-coal fire; the gases arising from the coal spoil the flavor of the tripe, making it indigestible and unpalatable.

Dried Apple Pudding: Wash ten ounces of apples well in warm water. Boil them in a quart of water. When soft, add ten ounces of sugar, eight ounces of butter, the juice and grated rine of two lemons. When cold and ready to bake, add five well-beaten eggs. Bake with or without pastry. Ten ounces of apples will make a common-size pudding.

Irish Potato Pie: One pound mashed potatoes, rubbed through a colander; one pound butter, creamed with sugar; six eggs, white and yolks separately; one lemon, squeezed into the potatoes while hot; one cupful of milk; one teaspoonful of nutmeg, and the same of mace; two cupfuls of white sugar; bake in open shells of paste; to be eaten cold.

Hair Invigorators: A wash to stimulate the growth of the hair in case of baldness is made from equal parts of the tincture of sulphate of quinine–five grains in an ounce of alcohol. For those who will use hair oil, pure sperm oil of the very finest quality, is the best. This must be procured in proper freshness and cannot fail being a powerful hair invigorator.

The Guardian (Heron Lake), February 3, 1881

I want to be noted for good looks and great skill, too!

At the very least, I want a baked potato, or some Irish Potato Pie.

eagle stamp Have you seen the blue eagle on the new US 57 cent stamp? Ye gods, it would be right at home at a Nuremburg rally. Someone actually wrote about it.

I don’t agree with those written opinions, but looking at the conspiracy theorist under a magnifying glass… you can see the knowledge he has, and the misapplication of same. A lot of the information *is* sound, but the reaching involved cracks me up. That sort of rant makes for a perfect additional spooky-loony character that gets killed off after explaining the plot to an invesigator or main character.

The guy seems to forget that the eagle is the national emblem of the USA. Has been for over 200 years, and that nobody has a market on art deco design. I wonder what shaped that guy’s perspectives to the current leaning. Is he just saying stuff to be inflammatory, or sell to a market? Does he really believe what he’s blathering about?

Landlord is coming over at 11am, so I had to clean house tonight, rather than leisurely tomorrow. I’ll be more comfy and ready for dreamland after a hot shower, and a little reading in bed.

upside, chores are done early. downside, I’m not sleepy at all now. It’s amazing how much dust and hair can accumulate over a week when the occupants of an apartment are a Yeti and a Cat with a monkey-brain. all swept up (I won’t vacuum at this hour… have to be nice to the neighbors, even if I closed the window and ran the A/C tonight, because the folks outside were a little loud.

I had a lovely pizza and beer night with the sweetie…”green monkey pizza” and killian’s red. tasty, tasty. animal planet, cartoon network, talking of childhood, cleopatra, silliness, weirdness, and earnestness. It amazes me that she doesn’t know how truly wonderful she is… a beautiful, intelligent, gentle soul. I just want ot pick her up and squish her. ‘strue. I love her so much, it makes my eyes cross. She giggled at me when I referred to Antony “pussing out” by comitting suicide after losing his final battle with Octo… as a result, Cleopatra, the last Pharoh, took an asp the the breast rather than deal with the new regime.

Wowie! Vatican file shows pope pardoned massacred Knights Templar! Unreal.