They killed the lone gunmen? would some x-phile tell me for why? figures… I sort of feel that they were some of the best element of the show.

Got to talk briefly with my sweetie before tucking her in… I love her so much! Just a brush of her near is enough to give me a tickle of joy. I’m going to follow beddy-wise shortly. Brain-fried from code and cleaning up a lot of the remote office messes… had tasty mexican for lunch, though. cheese enchiladas, refried beans and rice. fat-fat food, but I was a-cravin’ it something fierce.

Chupa is picking on Tia, lately, and is looking for a rolled up newspaper on the nose. Chupa told an outright lie about Tia, and got caught… if ol’ Goat-sucker isn’t careful, she’s going to get the big five stomping on her head. No more goats!

Ordered my 120 gig hd today, and a nice new video card…. I dig the multi-monitor support on one card… I look forward to more integrated multimonitor stuff, now. I really like having a screen with chat/mail info on one screen while playing a game on the other. or doing multiscreen programming… the extra real estate is sweet.

catnip and catgrass

Catnip is just peeking out, and you can see the difference between unconsumed catgrass and Newtie-nibbled. I’m hoping the grass-nubs regrow quickly, as Newt-boy was very fond of the stuff.

herb garden from above

My baby plants are enjoying the nice weather…. supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, so against the house they shall go.

goodyear and fuji blimps

Groovy thing about living near the airship base…. I get to see a sky with blimps all the time, and close to the ground. two flying there are the goodyear and the fuji film.


That’s a shot right after launch… the base is about 300 yards back

I hope keeping the images to 400 wide is narrow enough for most folk’s friend’s list. I think it’s reasonable.

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