Slow day at work today… launch postponed until I can get Bonnie to take a minute so I can reboot the machines. That minute wasn’t there today.

Back’s doing great! Not even a hint of the prior trouble today… I hope it keeps up.

Just synched up a new pile of ebooks into the palm, along with the new onion and newspapers… a delight to have a library I can take anywhere.

Melanie Griffith’s Website is disturbing to me… sounds and such. Bleh. But these are very spiffy indeed spokes things.

Wolf Files for this week: Parents are reaching a new level of tacky by endowing their kids with names like “Poppy Honey”, “Unique” and “Gouda”. I myself don’t want to be out of style, so I’m naming my child “Kiwi Kumquat”. Who the devil names their kid “Veal”? (That’s even a sick nickname, let alone a real one.)

space men I’ve spent a bit of time looking for an army men link I neglected to link to, before… it had star trek army men, little federation and klingons form the original show, and I mentioned them to today at work. Of course, upon seeking them out, evaporation. I wonder if the site died, or a link was removed from another site. the best I could find were here, so far. This is a great army man link resource, also, but no star trek… I thought this was the place, I’m nearly sure of it! The clones on this page are priced right… $6 for 100 men. why so cheap? I think it’s for making you put up with an embedded midi on all the pages they have.

The Band Quiz By Rahel

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