watching a fast-forwarded animation of the moonrise and moonset…It’s a new moon tonight, and it’s interesting to me how the sun and moonchase one another across the sky… they share very similar courses and speeds today and tornight, at least from my vantage point. A moonless night sky (be it lit up or not) is strange to me.

As a boy, it took me a while to grasp that the moon wasn’t a true opposite of the sun, not coming up at night after the sun went down, destined never to meet… (this was well before I learned about eclipses, mind you). Seeing the moon against a blue sky seemed wrong… like it was lost, or cheating somehow. to my kid-mind, I wondered if I was imagining it, or perhaps it was some sort of mirage or tricky cloud formation shaped like a perfect circle or crescent.

I still like sunrises that have “sundogs” over the ocean. I love sunsets over the ocean, but I’m on the wrong coast. Very romantic…I think of my sweetheart at the beach, holding hands whenevery I catch a painted sky.

The Universe is an amazing place! I wouldn’t live anywhere else.


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