Scotto’s Stream of thought… write whatever comes to mind for 3 minutes. go.

Root Beer is Tasty.

Wildfire is a cool word, but a dumb name for a horse.

I forgot to get shampoo and to mail my goodies.

I’m too lazy to leave the house at 8pm-ish, tonight, this Saturday Night.

Local gravity seems turned up to about 1.7 G, or more. (Side Effect of Newt on lap. He’s magic…less than 20 lbs, can hold down a man 15x his mass)

Newton’s talky tonight. I can just say his name or something in the form of a question, and he’ll “Mer?” or “Mow?” with a little head-tilt.

Weird moment today at the laundry… a man walked in, took off his shirt, rubbed cocoa butter over his torso and face, and then went back outside, hopped on a bicycle and rode off. The scent lingered for about ten minutes afterwards. I was so dumbfounded by the event, I forgot I had my camera in my pocket. He put the stuff on like it was soap in a shower, lifting arms, and coating face, arms and head. He didn’t do his legs, though he was wearing shorts. (He’s going to tan poorly.)

A permit to gather fossils on Florida parkland costs $5. I need to get one of those.

I believe in love.

Chinese Noodles are good. Ramen rules the school.

We stored light? Wha? That means a *major* step in technology is coming…if it’s legit, and not another cold fusion.

results from earlier friend’s quiz, 17 responders thus far… average person links to just about 85 people, based on responses thus far, and are linked to by about 92 readers.(pretty close reciprocation, all told, but there are some broad ranges) too many people are unsure about how many they can handle on a list, but it seems that the consensus is just about 100, depending on how often they post. pserv is on drugs, as she said infinite. With some twiddling, folks seem to do 1 and a half entries a day, again with huge ranges to a few times in a few months to over seven times a day. I’ll update again in about a week with final findings… the numbers are skewing a little higher in the link lists than I’d though, and a little lower on the posting side.

More yummy Easter-links!

Pastry chef Jean-François Houdré’s excellent tutorial on how to make and decorate chocolate Easter eggs.

Designer Easter eggs. (I agree with my sweetie, though… give me paas egg-dye, simpler times.)

The origins of egg painting, and eggs around the world.

…and a different way to have Mr. Bunny for lunch, here’s a recipe to bake cinnamon bunny bread.

okie doke… chores done, now I can officially relax now that I’ve made the obligatory telephone calls, re-tagging those that missed me.

Dragonball Z is still in the blah arena-fight area…I liked it better when Goku was a little boy, tooling around on nimbus. I’d prefer the story move past that, and get back to the better plots. (at least goten still has nimbus) That sissy purple guy is a whiner, too… ah, here we go. back to non-fight hubbub.

Debating going to the sunrise service at the beach tomorrow… it’s come as you are, and usually pretty.

Parking lot, good friday

Snap Club has improved greatly. It auto resizes, looks better, and has tighter controls now. (No more manual work, just upload, and it takes care of the rest…I like that.)

Much, much laundry to do. I should get hopping on that… I don’t know if the ‘mat will be open on Easter, and I don’t have much left to wear. Plus, there’s no good breakfast food in the house… some grocery shopping is in order, too. Ah, the talk of a tasty breakfast has motivated me into showering and gathering my clothes together… I’m off!

Obligatory Newtie piccie

hail miz blue for finding these pre-shadow linkies!

Here, make a sugarpaste hatching chick for Easter.

Stuff to look at – odd advertisements, packaging, cookbook covers, and (definitely my favorite) the Spanish board game “El Juego de la Oca”. Olé!

The Romanian tourism board is actually planning a Dracula-based theme park in Transylvania, set to open later this year. Is nothing sacred, or, um, the evil opposite of sacred, anymore?

A gallery of beautiful panoramic photography by members of the International Association of Panoramic Photographs, including one of Lolowai Bay, Vanautu that I wanted to point out as Vanautu is the island James Michener wrote about in Tales of the South Pacific. However, this particular shot of an old car is my favorite. It’s yellowish tint and flat, dry land remind me of something out of a Steinbeck novel.

Darkstar is a multimedia CD-ROM “game” that is more like a movie than anything else. At all times, the resolution will be ultra-hirez with special effects that better most film projects, not to mention other computer “games”. The environment is completely interactive as the player encounters strange rooms, and a few time-hole generated “ghosts”, remnants of the past. There is none of the “bitmapped” looking play, and it is NOT a shoot-em-up game. It’s an explorable world with a complex story that you are thrust into stone-cold. It’s like Myst or Riven, but less puzzle, more story. And more action… from the MST3k guys… , why didn’t I hear about this from you?

Ever since I was a little bear, I’ve had a major jones on for the cliffhanger pulps of the ’30s & ’40s, featuring characters like Doc Savage & The Shadow. Something about them… the stories, the characters, the aesthetic pushes my gee-whiz buttons in a big, big way.

It’s full of pulp goodness & pseudo-science weirdness. And it has a lot of similar qualities with another geeky love of mine, the comics written by Warren Ellis & others, published by Wildstorm Comics, all set in the same universe. The writers of these comics… The Authority, The Monarchy, The Establishment, & especially Planetary… have a great sense of the history of comics, as well as what makes superhero comics good.

It’s a fun genre to work with… dreaming up ideas about a secret history of the world, in which daredevils, adventurers, explorers, mentalists, and people with inexplicable super powers all work secretly to influence the development of humanity. A world of shadowy conspiracies, weird science, alien incursions, & evolution. A world of mystery, wonder, & strangeness. Not so unlike our own, if you believe that sort of thing.