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You can learn a lot about someone by the names they give their hard drives. This thread at Slashdot compiles some naming convention ideas you could use next time you reformat a hard drive or buy a new machine. Including…

some examples there are –

  • The Seven Dwarfs (after 7, make your own dwarfs, like “Sleazy”) – or maybe the smurfs?
  • Pop Stars (“Hey, Britney is down again. N-Sync has crashed.”)
  • Retro Arcade Games (Blinky, Pinky…)
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (“Imagine walking into a room: Hey, can you check Syphylis? For some reason AIDS isn’t talking to it.”)
  • Countries
  • Comic Book Characters (I’ve actually done this one)
  • Cast of Cheers (Norm, Dianne, Cliff…)
  • Ice Cream Flavors
  • Major International Cities
  • Sexual Positions (“Hey, would you try DoggyStyle? I can’t get in.”)
  • Greek Mythology (Zeus, Aphrodite, Hades, etc) (seen it done)
  • Biblical Names (seen it done)
  • Dead Rock Stars
  • Monty Python characters

And my personal favorite there…

  • “Things You Can Do To A Ball” (Punt, Kick, Slam, Spike, Dunk, Pop, Inflate)

One’s I’ve done are classic authors (poe, twain, emerson, etc), and a hive theme (queen bee, worker, drone1,drone2)

Maybe Super Apes!

a year ago, this week.

Ultrababy-Xsuper-newtie Hey! Ultrababy-X! does anyone remember him? Super-Newtie does! I wonder if Lexie is ready to pass her membership in the legion of super-babies on to her younger sibling? A year ago, we mentioned that this baby can dig holes at an incredible rate and is destined to lead us to an underground utopia and a new age of enlightenment. Perhaps that’s why he is known to the children as Ultrababy X. I think he wants to recruit little Lexie into his legion of Superbabies.

How many people want to add an infant or cuddly pet to the legion? There is the Legion of Superbabies and the Legion reserve, comprised of Fuzzy babies, led by Newton. (Herschel, Buddy, and Buzzito are all honorary members…) How about the rest of you guys? any baby/pet piccies to add to the list of the Pee-wee crusaders?

a year ago, bigfoot was sighted. bigfoot sighted!

Hmm… also, a year ago, gnomes on snailback were a project. I wonder where they’re at these days. 🙂

ski jump game!… very cool. thanks, !!

I did a wonderful triple, and then landed on my head, easily compressing my spine into a solid bone-mass about 1/8th its original length. ow.

a haiku

snowy powdered ramp
I leap high into the sky
wings become anvils

if you get a chance, check out the beautiful wedding hanbok’s on ‘s page! so lovely!

Entry #3929.

I’m craving cadbury eggs, and chocolate bunnies filled with marshmallow cream. The tastes came to me last night in a dream… my dreams frequently cover all the senses, I remember smells and textures frequently. The pressure of someone sitting next to me on the bed, or her breath on my neck. good dreams. My heart’s a-flutter thinking of her scent of egyptian musk or lavender. Fantastic… I salivate a bit like pavlov’s dog contemplating it. I’m burning nag champa now, which soothes me to no end.

On another tack, I’m thinking about redoing my website again…I got off to a false start some months ago, before big brain kicked the bucket… I’m thinking of starting over from scratch, using CSS to do it all up right. I’ve seen some nifty design elemends here and there, and I can still keep it text-browse friendly. I don’t want it to look like the other gazillion pages out there… something to make it distinctly my own. Subtle, without all the freaky java bells & whistles, unless it serves a solid purpose, or is just on a page o’fun… I’d like to add a games page and maybe a poll / sketch of the day. I’ll have to consult my sweetie on design…she’s superior at color schemes and general artistry. The nice thing about CSS is that i can shift the look and feel of all pages at once, should I get antsy about a theme. I have a few ideas… a cave with petroglyphs to navigate around is one of the old ones, and maybe a sandy-beach background with images “drawn in the sand”. Now that I have the digicam, maybe a photorealistic set of icons, too. I really like mootpoint‘s new design (warning, a boat of popups), and sweetalyssm‘s casa’s layout (recently being swiped by some german camgirl) with the right-side menu are both examples of the sort of quality I’m looking to shift to from my website. No rush, in mind, really, but I’d like to add more content. As it stands, my page hasn’t really been shifted in a few years, save for the addition of my livejournal and blog. I don’t think I’ll use frames as much, though. More flash for those that can use it though. I’ve picked up quite a lot of handiness with it, though the folk I know are still a light year or two ahead of me yet.

There’s a good article about the late comedian Bill Hicks on Salon. (right after my complaining about salon’s content, no less, my complaint about reading it online is the pre-article ad.) I still have a link that’s a quote of his on my website… the rollercoaster comment on the bio page. Hicks was a terrific comic, as black and profane as anyone not quite at the receiving end of an instant lynch mob could be, but with a core of righteous anger and truth that made sense of his attitude. He was insulting and even cruel because his disgust and rage at the world he lived in was so deep and heartfelt, yet his hope for a better world was intense enough to compel him to change things the way he best knew how: on stage, in front of a microphone, grinding it out night after night. I used to be a bigger fan of him than I am now, much like how I feel about George Carlin. Hicks died before he could succumb to Carlin’s bitterness, but the element was there. I do admire the hope that poked through the cracks on Hicks.

Anyway, give it a read. The section towards the end about the differences between the U.S. and U.K. editions of a new biography on Hicks is especially amusing.

PSA for yahoo groups folks

found here

Dear Yahoo! Groups Members,

The Yahoo! Groups service will be down Friday March 15 9:00 PM PST (GMT-8) as we move our servers to a new facility. We expect the service to be back up the morning of Sunday March 17.

During this time the web site will be unavailable and email will not be delivered. (Some users may experience email non-delivery notices, but all email should be delivered once service has resumed.) Please note: once the service is back up, there will be email delays due to backlog. We expect these delays to last no longer than 1 day. Please do not re-send email to your group as it will only add to delays.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The Yahoo! Groups Team

Ugh… three of my mail lists are going to be *huge* fat beasts… English Lit especially. I’m switching them over to digest form, before the machine gun of dozens to possibly hundreds of singles hit me. the weekend is the busiest time for most of them.


watching a fast-forwarded animation of the moonrise and moonset…It’s a new moon tonight, and it’s interesting to me how the sun and moonchase one another across the sky… they share very similar courses and speeds today and tornight, at least from my vantage point. A moonless night sky (be it lit up or not) is strange to me.

As a boy, it took me a while to grasp that the moon wasn’t a true opposite of the sun, not coming up at night after the sun went down, destined never to meet… (this was well before I learned about eclipses, mind you). Seeing the moon against a blue sky seemed wrong… like it was lost, or cheating somehow. to my kid-mind, I wondered if I was imagining it, or perhaps it was some sort of mirage or tricky cloud formation shaped like a perfect circle or crescent.

I still like sunrises that have “sundogs” over the ocean. I love sunsets over the ocean, but I’m on the wrong coast. Very romantic…I think of my sweetheart at the beach, holding hands whenevery I catch a painted sky.

The Universe is an amazing place! I wouldn’t live anywhere else.

here’s a piccie of a ringed sun with a sundog