Give me something magic

A priest, a rabbi and a minister walk into a bar.
The bartender says. “What is this, some kind of a joke?”

For a project, I want to include a listing of a bunch of magical ingredients: stuff like bat fat, fly tears, etc. (Got going with this list)

I’d like a bunch of these, and I’d like you to create them. This is an open solicitation, and you can pass it on to anyone. 🙂

Each ingredient should be no more than a dozen words or so. I don’t want a ritual or a procedure, just an ingredient. Don’t write them in the form of a sentence, but a phrase. So for example:

Fly tears collected on the night of a full moon.

is fine. But:

You need to collect fly tears on the night of a full moon.

is not.

Have fun!

On that note, I’m going to beddy-bye. nightynight.

Assorted Cat-Blather

Newt On Mt. Scotto... note fuzzy sasquatch chest hair at bottom

The little orange guy that lives with me is named


His name is not:

Neutron, Neptune, Neon, or Newman… I’ve had confused people call him all of those. (I don’t really mind, but I do correct them. You know… Fig Newton? Sir Isaac?)

nicknames I have seen that I like for him are –

Newt (Also: Noot, Gnut, Nute.. all pronounced the same), Nudie-Newtie, Nudist (He is naked, after all), Noodles, Jellybean, Dreamsicle, Fuzzybutt, Fuzz-bucket, Slacker, Moose, Nut, Goober, Monkey-boy, Ape-Cat, Monkey-kitty, Flying Monkey-Kitty, Shark-kitty, Newtie-bear, Newtzilla, Nude Beach, Uber-cat, Beastly, Newfie-Slayer (in honor of tarpo), babe magnet, Neutered, Golden Boy, Little Piggy, Stinkpot (when he was still on formula his dung was the stenchiest… I’m glad that passed, pardon the pun), Lovey-boy, Stripey-snack-cake, New Zoo Review, Son, Boyo, and sundry others that aren’t coming to my addled mind right now.

Random scotto factoid – I once wanted my own radio station, callsign WMBT- The Wombat. Once I get my backups done, Big Brain (Now Queen Bee) will be Broadcasting via Shoutcast. A childhood dream come true! I want to get Newton’s purrs recorded at full bass… I think it’d be neat to hear it broadcast.

The super-unsinkable tugboat. keen! I bet that was quite a ride.

Watching TV… learned about baby penguins! So cute. Animal Planet is the way to go for daytime tv. Pet stories, Wildlife Emergency, that’s my baby. I’m glad my sweetie turned me on to the channel. I’d love to get a job working with that company.

On an unrelated note –

Labia is plural for labium.

I want pancakes, preferably buttermilk or blueberry, with a side of home fries.

Me and Newtie

azrael / newtiepapa smurf / me

Hmm…my brother is coming by tomorrow to help out around the house. Taking my laundry and bringing some supplies. I found that he had more troubles than I knew on the Island when he was there… I’m glad those times are mostly behind him. I’m going to help him out with rent until his IRS check comes in later this week. I drew myself up fairly tight with the phone and power bills, cab rides and meds…It’s just as well I’m staying in this week.

I’m feeling a little mopey today, but that’ll pass. I think it’s from poor sleep, and being perhaps over-anxious about the meds, and the situation in general. I’m fortunate to have a few beacons to help me on my way. 🙂 Newtie is being very good about snuggling and purring. My back’s doing pretty well at the moment, and I’m curled up comfortably.

Something that just made me laugh… a guy’s name… “Dick Hyman“… master of jazz piano. I’m so juvenile, sometimes.