awwww! Llamas for sale!

Here’s the funniest thing I’ve read all week, a beautiful, savage skewering of a journalist whose laziness and presumption are a wonder to behold.

Watching Adult Swim and thinking of my sweetie…l’m in a very placid state… nearly floaty. Nag Champa burns while Newt purrs in my lap. I think my mind is about 5 feet to the left of my body. I have the urge to drink something with rum in it, and maybe a paper umbrella.

The trees hide the mountain,
The mountain hides the temple.
Vines’ shade is deep;
Cloud shadows, ragged.
Afar the bell sends off the falling sun.
Weary birds wing homeward
Cold light is sodden
With a smear of mist
I ask the rude monk
Where he wanders ‘neath
The moon morning and evening,
Early and late.
“I come with my lute here
strolling in search of a poem.”

– Hsien-Yu Pi-Jen

Ugh, my spine. Going to the doc tomorrow again to get this ironed out. The weather is shifted a day late… I could use some rain today, not tomorrow, to rest to.

*though of while doing obe meditation, mild rewrite*

On a scrap of typewritten paper –

until the host accepts them completely. Once established they grant the host heightened sensations, but at the cost of inhuman urges. These urges are often more strange than dangerous, but one wonders whether an untrained mind can distinguist between its own thoughts and those slipped through the back door of consciousness. Perhaps they are entirely benign, as the hosts claim, or perhaps the belief that they are benign is merely implanted by the parasites. It is not inconceiveable that they actually learn the mental patterns of their hosts and then devour their minds (and brains), mimicking the now-dead hosts and aquiring complete control of the bodies. A thorough autopsy of a host is obviously necessary, as are neurophysiological experiments on living hosts, but they are extremely secretive about their nature and protective of their dead. Cremation is universal among them.

So far, they have shown no coherent political activity, though perhaps their activities are simply too subtle for us to follow. The only thing that can be called a “policy” is that of paranoid secretiveness, which is understandable even if the beings are benign. Indeed, without projecting astrally, I would never have realized the existance of the Betellians, let alone determining details as to their habits and those of their human hosts.

This paranoid need to protect their identity is what makes me fear for my life.

Argh… going to lay down in a few…while I’m doing the Oso back-rest, you might want to check out this….

Enron actually built a fake trading room on the sixth floor of their Houston HQ. A slick Hollywood production with 36 inch flat panel monitors and faked video conferenced rooms.

According to former Enron employees, on the sixth floor of the company’s downtown headquarters was a set, designed to trick analysts into believing business was booming.

“It was an elaborate Hollywood production that we went through every year when the analysts were going to be there to be impress them to make our stock go up,” former employee Carol Elkin said.”

“Elkin said that it was all an act, and that no trades were actually made there. The people on the phones were talking to each other.”

There is a lesson to be learned here for writing conspiracy fiction. The things that are possible with money are more numerous and versatile than you would imagine. Just think, the 7th richest company in the US actually built a Big Store room in their corporate HQ, staffed with legit employees and routinely bamboozled authorities, analysts, reporters and investors with a virtual dog and simulated pony show.

“They would ask us to go alternately, in like hour shifts down to the sixth floor,” Elkin said. “And sit and pretend that we lived and worked there.”

Caught up in the dream, employees voluntarily, even enthusiastically participated in the deception. It was just good business. Sort of like a live-action commercial.

When I wrote about a month ago (I’ll redirect a link later) that no one knew what the heck Enron actually did, this is what I was talking about. Yes, they traded in commodities and futures. Duh. What no one could figure out was how Enron could make so much profit from doing it when everyone else quickly discovered that brokering a trade of vapor for BS results in a percentage of nothing. Gee, maybe we just weren’t doing it right. I guess that’s where the spiffy Enron philosophy and corporate culture and leading edge thinking outside of the box paradigm shifting came in.

I was beginning to suspect that I was getting a bit grandiose with my musings about the Kilroy Org. Now I realize I was thinking small.