Primarily for my sweetheart, but if anyone digs crosswords, there you go.

crosswords online. more than anyone could do. 🙂

I wonder if my magical back pain germs were properly purged by phantom oso?

You know, sometimes I want to start a newspaper of the weird. Stuff found around the net.

‘Dr. Chaos’ held in cyanide case

Chicago police have raided Dr. Chaos’ (AKA Joseph Daniel Konopka, 25, of Wisconsin) subterranean lair, finding more than a pound of “potentially lethal cyanide,” ending his spree of malicious mischief. Well, maybe this is just a little silly, but still- there does seem to have been basically zero security down in the depths of the CTA, with those wacky kids toting cyanide around down there and changing the locks for kicks and grins.

there’s a little more information in this update:
CTA to inspect subways, seal unused rooms

This truly is a bizarre world we live in. The combined law enforcement agencies of the civilized world are directing their combined efforts at hunting down a sinister foreign millionaire and his private army in their secret mountain fortress, and now the cops have discovered Dr. Chaos’ subway hideout. When did the real world and the G.I. Joe cartoon weld together? Was it a slow, gradual process, or did it happen all at once?

“He’s a geek,” Chicago Police Supt. Terry Hillard said after a news conference Monday, adding that Konopka never indicated he intended to harm anyone.

“Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wagn’nagl dominos.”
“In his house in R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits for the pizza man”

Made of People! – Holy moley. Quorn

Notice that on the U.S. version of the page, they don’t show this picture. Or this one. Or this one. Mycoprotein, mmm! Man, anybody who thinks we aren’t living in the future is kidding themselves. Palm Pilots, cel phones, speaker magic,the Kegelmaster 2000(pic) and now… Quorn. Welcome to the 21st century, baby.

So Where’d The Accent Come From?

Paper: Birth Certificate Shows Miss Cleo Is From L.A.

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 15 — A birth certificate obtained by the state shows the woman marketed on cable television as Jamaican psychic Miss Cleo was actually born in Los Angeles, the daughter of American parents.

Also local is this cool gizmo that sniffs your butt for explosives and sees right through your clothes. Just like Superman.

US Army seeks nanotech suits
The goal of MIT’s new Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies is to “greatly enhance the protection and survival of the infantry soldier using nanoscience”

Which, of course, is laudable, in my opinion. Taking care of the grunts is a very good thing. And even though thinking about all the money spent on war leaves the repressed (and unrealistic) peacenik in me feeling sad and kind of queasy, the Science Fair geek in me can’t help but love this stuff. The approach they’re taking as regards camoflauge is pretty astounding, don’t you think? Invisibility suits. I want one.

I don’t know about that ferrofluid-filled fabric, though. Granted, this stuff is way beyond my feeble little brain… but exposure to an external magnetic field will turn our uniforms into splints? Umm … nobody tell the enemy about that, okay?

friday 5 liberated from

1. What was your first job?
Tavo Viva in the Boynton Beach Mall. I had a lot of fun there with friends,but swore off fast food for about a year after working there.

2. Have you ever had an affair or fling with someone you worked with?
Yup, and it lasted all of 3 weeks. Breyer… a lovely girl, but liked to date around. Not for me. (not an affair, really.)

3. Have you ever shoplifted? If yes, what did you steal?
Yup, a batman on a motorcycle toy when I was 6 or so from a five and dime. My dad found out about it, and gave me a talk about what Batman would do if he knew I took it… and he gave me a stern spanking too.

4. What was your favorite childhood toy?
That’s tough. Boy-dolls, I think…(those insecure about their sexuality call ’em action figures) Hulk and Spiderman, and Legos.

5. What are your plans this weekend?
If my back is better, and if my sweetie is going out with the girls… I’ll try to hit the movies. otherwise I’ll hang out at home and chill. I need to put some manuscripts into the mail, and send off a goodie bag. (long overdue)

Spoke with my sweetie tonight, and we had a grand time. very nice… we talked programing and voodoo, crossword puzzles and cartoons, and deep feelings. very fulfilling to me, and I think to her, too.

There are three lifeforms that I tell I love frequently, and I mean it more than words can convey.

All are Libras. 2/3 of them have red hair. 2/3 of them are male. 2/3 of them share my last name. 2/3 of them do not live with me. 2/3 of them I tell on a daily basis. 2/3 of them speak fluent English. All of them know how I feel. All of them reciprocate those feelings. I’m a very lucky person.

In the order that I met them… my brother, Newton, and my sweetheart. Each has brought special things into my life, changing it for the better. I like to think that I’ve helped their quality of life, too.

I ask anyone who reads this to tell someone they love that they do. It doesn’t matter if they know, tell ’em anyhow. They’ll appreciate it, and you’ll feel good for saying it. – checks your browser for parasites! groovy! thanks to sweetalyssm for clueing me in to it.

totally unrelated name meme