links found via fark & paidmembers community

google bombs in the news! (including one or two I participated in, along with many other LJ-ers)

Indian scientists cure farts with radioactive beans. Think I’ll keep farting, thanks.

Scottish prisoners being given methadone to wean them back onto heroin before release. Yes, back onto heroin.

similar interest matching is back up. This feature allows you to enter any user name to receive a list of users with similar interests. This is only a paid members feature for now. Enjoy!

It didn’t do me a lot of good… I matched with a few people I like, and a few people that I don’t. Sad, but just because a person shares a lot of your interests, it doesn’t mean they write well, or share your opinions. In my “top 25”, there are two downright pleasant reads, two mehs, and and a lot of no thank yous.

I did find one or two that might be fun new reads, so I guess it worked…but all the groovies that I really like thus far I seem to already peek in on.

Interesting to see the index back though. I think it’ll be more useful for finding communities by single interests. Common interests don’t work as well when they’re too common… a like of “cookies” might attract a baker, a bulemic, and a web programmer. they won’t always have things to say that’ll interest one another. I will say that my first match has quite a bit to say that I enjoy reading heaps and heaps.

10 Commandments is on…. Moses was quite the badass, if I may use the term. He didn’t take any guff, nosiree. In my top three Chuck roles, with Planet of the Apes and Ben Hur. (The Omega Man and Soylent Green rocked, but in a *bad* way).

here’s how the match index works.

It takes approximately 2 million flowers worth of nectar to produce a pound of honey.

Random Scotto Factoid – Whenever I see the name Clovis, I see the word “Clowns”.

I’m eating honey on lightly toasted whole wheat bread and pondering the might of my bread-topping.

Honey is neato. Honey is uber-keen. It is a sweetener and a preservative. Properly stored, it can last for centuries.

Honey is one of the more strangely acquired common foods. You ever see people gathering honey on TV? They get decked out in protective gear and take those big chunks of honeycomb from the bee colonies. It’s bizarre…You’d think anything obtained in such a manner would be a rare and expensive delicacy. But nosireebob! I got it for free at the grove I did some work for. Orange Blossom honey…sweet and delicious.

In a bottle shaped like a bear. Yet another reason I like this planet so much. Honey is one billion times better than sugar in tea.

Side note to self

sunrise was very nice… I got up early, and puttered at the beach… I got more peace from the solitude side of it than the sunrise service. I slowly worked my way to a more vacant area, until I really couldn’t hear them over the pound of the surf. 3-tier waves crunched low as the sun came up… the sound was more soothing than the sight, really.

I hope everyone has as a nice, restful day as possible today, and can reflect on peace.