Going in to work today, shortly. foggy dreams last night. I got into an arguement with Astley regarding his duty…I finally got him to take some responsibility for the bad hardware he gave me…hopefully he’ll give me a refund. It’s only been a year.

For some reasony my avango doesn’t want to synch, so I’m having a little trouble posting from my palm. I may copy it into a memo, and post it in later, if it continues to be troublesome.

Newt’s going to be lonely today… he’s gotten used to me being available to him 24/7 for play and snugs. I know that when I get home he’s going to be very lovey, certainly. Hes laying on my foot right now, having a midday nap. I’m going to miss him at work today, too. I need to remember to get him more food, too…about 2 days more left.

little house, a new beginning?” is on… Weird… I forget that they spun the show off to focus on Laura & Almonzo’s married life. It’s on TBS right now. I don’t remember the Nellie replacement, either, “Nancy”, some other nasty little blonde Oleson girl.

Ah well, I’m off. there’s my ride. until tonight, dear journal.

Thoughts of Red-furred Libras will get me through the day. 🙂 You know that list? I’m going to use it to write a few memory posts of what spawned certain titles, later tonight or tomorrow. I encourage other folks to do the same with theirs. 🙂