fyi, yahoo users (thanks again, Marcus!)

Yahoo! masters of unethical marketing, have, due to ‘changes with their system’, reset your preferences so that you will receive every bit of marketing they send out. Go into every Yahoo! account you own, click ‘account info’ and set them all back to no.

This should be illegal. We need laws that will go further than that. We should have control over our own information, and corporations should be required to wipe their databases everytime they change their terms of agreement, or honor the terms of the older agreements. I’m tired of corporations taking my personal information with promises that they will never sell it and then unilaterally changing their minds. For that matter, all marketing materials should be opt-in in the first place. bah!

Had nicer dreams last night, through restless sleep. I vaguely recall convincing my sweetie to go with me into a mini-submarine to visit an undewater city (sort of like sealab…) We had a room with a thick plexiglass wall that allowed us to see all the aquatic life, off the side of a reef. We were talking goofily to each other in mock french accents (Jaques Coustau-style, no doubt), about *everything*. in the room. “Behold, zee mayjezteek bafrhoom towellz-ah. Zheee how zhey arrrrrre zho fluffeh and Zhoft… Haw-haw-haw! (Maurice Chevalier laughter was our puntuation.)

That’s my baby is miniature horses… but the star of the show is an adorable little monkey of a girl named Cheyenne… about four or five years old, and so cute. something about a little girl and a pony. Simply adorable.

Another filly on the horsecam! I want the Ellie cam to come back! Some consolation is the panda cam, black rhino cam and the polar bear cam.

top keywords to get to my web pages yesterday (mostly gallery, but a few blog hits) the one in italics gets me.

3 Google her melons 18.75%
2 Google wench 12.50%
1 Yahoo monitor glasses 6.25%
1 Google 10 ways to sneak fabric into your house 6.25%
1 Google high-tech-fashion 2002 6.25%
1 Yahoo 84 diner 6.25%
1 Yahoo her melons 6.25%
1 Yahoo text to image vb 6.25%
1 Google scottobear s journal 6.25%
1 Yahoo her melons 6.25%
1 Google hanuman s baby 6.25%
1 Yahoo dictonary progress 6.25%
1 Google newtcam 6.25%