Breakfast for dinner? what is this, IHOP?

apple jackapple jack greenOrange juice, Hot buttered toast and apple jacks in milk. Part of this balanced supper! I could’ve gone for some soy-sage with it though, or peanut butter on the toast. Darn good, regardless.

Little brother’s out of commission for today… poor guy is still sore form his tumble over the police car. He’s having a good soak in his tub, and will be resting tonight, too. [update 8:20pm – he called and said he got a ride, but I told him not to come.. his back’s bothering him, and I don’t want him working here if he’s all horked up. I’m really sort of surprised… not sure why he did that.]

Something very soothing about cold cereal and hot, crispy toast at midday-evening. Comforted, I think I’ll kick back and read. Peace, all.

today’s rune and tarot spreads