7960 – No Newt-pics for Dubai?


Sorry, sedef & family.. if you want to see pictures of my new place, I’ll have to email ’em to you, because  Flickr has been blocked by the UAE government censors for the second time. Blame it on Etisalat (state monopoly teloc), blame it on the TRA (UAE Telecoms Regulatory Authority) the result is the same: no more Flickr for Dubaians.

For a virtual-UAE internet experience, try clicking this link:


7959 – I’ve got nothing to say but it’s O.K.

GeotargetGreedy Grateful Dead widow burns down online show-library – Archive.org has been forced to take down over 1000 soundboard recordings of the Grateful Dead by Jerry’s wife and a few (perhaps one) remaining member of the band. Ah well, it was good while it lasted.

Banana Pancakes for breakfast this morning. Yumma. I wonder if there’ll be any left over TeeGee treats at work.

Crabby Jack’s for lunch yesterday was nice. Sort of a “Hooters, but with food that’s worth eating” vibe. Cute waitresses and bartender, everyone is friendly, but not “gimme a better tip” fake-friendly. I sat at the bar, and Kristy was knowledgeable about the area and gave me some good hints on places to visit on walkabout and for eats. She’s been working there for 9 years and seems to really enjoy the place. Mojo, the other bartender has been there for 15 years, works tues-fri.

They have a Karaoke night, cheap & tasty food, wireless ‘net (how I sent palm piccies), open to 3am and has some live entertainment there, so it may be a new hangout. We’ll see, but so far, so good. Kristy advised “The Whale’s Rib” to me, and I may guide Danny or perhaps Magda that way when time becomes available.

Moment of Lyric – wma