7949 – first entry from my new place.

GeotargetDanny was a *huge* help when it came to the move. I couldn’t have done it without him. He is truly master of all things. (according to his fortune cookie, anyhow.)

Breakfast of blueberry muffins and cold water this morning. Nice christening of the house.

No DSL yet at the new place, and my repair shop told me what I already knew… dead IDE and drives on Bigger brain. Thank goodness for warranty, as I need a new motherboard and pair of Hard drives. Downside is that the parts will take about a week, and all old data on there is toast. A lot of movies that hadn’t been yet burned to DVD were lost, but easily recovered. I’m thankful that most of my sentimental pictures and movies are saved online as well as locally. I’ve got a lot of stuff to reinstall, Newtcam and etc once it gets back home.

Lucky for me Lappie works fine, even on dialup! I just called Bellsouth, and it looks like I’m without DSL until 12/16 “thanks to the hurricane”. I call shenanigans on that, but it’s not a big deal until I get bigger brain up and running anyhow.

Newt is enjoying all of the new surfaces, and already know how to use the bathroom. Nice comfy evening on the new bed.

No pictures until I find a wireless point to toss images from the palm, but I’m taking before and after shots as the place comes together.

John Lennon – Happy Xmas (War Is Over) – mp3 format