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GeotargetGood News / Bad News, dear journal.

Good News: I have full power at my apartment. Air Conditioning and Lights, TV, etc.

Bad News: Big Brain’s Hard Drive is crapping out… I can’t seem to keep him awake for more than a moment or two before he cycles through and reboots… I’m going to estimate he needs about $400 worth of repairs… mirror the giant drives over to new drives, basically. He had started to die earlier.. I thought it was a power issue, but I see now that it’s even worse.

Good News: I dropped it off and it’s still covered under the extended warranty.. (this big brain was bought 12/21/03, and he’s got 2 years parts and labor covered – a little over a month left to freshen up – I’m also having them do a full system peek, just in case the video card is starting to crap out)

I expect to have it back at HQ within 7 working days. Meanwhile, lappie is a handy backup, just word processing and the like… no major gaming for a week or so.

I’ve begun sorting the apartment out… packing things into boxes and skimming down to the very basics. All of my books should be ready for transport by the end of the weekend.

Phoenix is going to get some training today after lunch… I think that she has some solid tech potential.

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