7964 – Early AM – first bus from new hq

Early AM – first bus from new hq
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Walk from home to bus stop is 20 minutes. Left this morning at 5:30, just to

be extra sure of a timely arrival at work. Also testing semagic’s “auto

post” feature. It should update my lj at 6.

Bus picked me up at 6am, and had nobody aboard – by 6:10, it was about 25%

full. made it to the office by 7am. looks like I can sleep in until 6ish,

and be out the door by 6:40 safely.

picture is of a crazy statuary shop on las olas, taken after seeing arsenic

& old lace w/danny and his crew.

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7962 – quickie

GeotargetAte dinner at RS’s house, met her boyfriend and kidlets. I got along well with them all, perhaps too well. I think RS got a little jealous of the fact that I could interact well with them when she’s had feelings of running away from all of it. She told me that I was not, under any circumstances, to become better friends with her bf than with her. I can understand her fear, but doubt that it’ll happen.

A lot of weirdness in the air at the office. I think most of it is from them trying to get RS to manage me, but none of them are giving her any solid direction, just criticism. I want to be helpful and do good at my gig, so asking me to do things shouldn’t be difficult, should it? Big Kahuna is slowing down… maybe her age is finally catching up with her?

Nice moment of chat with the weezle and she brightened my spirits considerably. Thanks!