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9705 – Wednesday

Saw Franklin – working his litter area – he’s obviously still eating quite well. He’s good at digging a deep hole and covering it up, too- unlike a certain orange cat who will remain Newton.

also saw Franklin’s not-named buddy on the way home.

Found an old pic I had that made me think of miniMAX –


Hard to believe that in less than 2 weeks, my LJ will be 9 years old, and that’ll mean that I’ve been doing this online journal-type thing at least semi-regularly for about 12 years now.

Looks like change is in the wind at work after all – more as things happen, dear journal.

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9542 – Monday

Well, Today was sure a Monday.

Early this morning the sewer backed up into the bathtubs,and overflowed the toilets. Gross, disgusting, yuck. Some sort of pipe issue there, but long story short, I worked form the house today. Still had access to the internet and phone, but a shower was right out. fortunately, the blue house is right up the street, so we could stop by and use the facilities as needs, but it’s still a hassle to plan ahead to use a bathroom or take a shower. This happened once last year, so the plumber is going to come out and replace the pvc pipe that has roots growing into it and replace it with something tougher – shouldn’t have to call anyone to roto-root out the issue again, unles tree roots become armor piercing.

so, I worked in my pjs, until a break time availed itself, and I took a quick shower between phone meetings and data repair.

After work, I was already home! BHK and I went out to Homestead garden store which was all decked out for the holidays (see the wrapped tree lights, and previous years)

Saw toy trains at homestead gardens – attached a vid from flickr, via cell phone. It was cuter in person!

We picked up a few holiday ornaments, all of which sum up one or both of our personalities:

A resin santa in green, a pair of little victorian postcard santas, and blown glass versions fo a pirate ship, a gorilla, a taco, and a zucchini. (pictures to follow, no doubt.) We also got a present or two, but I can’t speak of them here, in case they’re reading.

The place was essentially empty – a wonderful thing when you go christmas shopping on a Monday at 5:30 pm. They’re shoulder-to-elbow packed on weekends, and worse at this time of year.

Polished off the day by coming home, watching Big Bang Theory, and noshing on subway sammiches. (we opted out of chinese food, due to the latrine issue, and murphy’s law)

The Plumber should be by tomorrow, first thing in the morning – and David should by by after work tomorrow night. We’ll likely ge ttogether with the inlaws and hang out.

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9269 – Monday

Happy Cinco de Mayo! see last year’s entry for more info on the holiday. I hope we have Mexican food for supper!  [edit – BHK made Fajitas!! delicious, but my gut wasn’t happy after a suspect lunch.]

Unrelated to my feelings on Mexican food – After Saturday’s little tummy trouble, BHK and I are considering a “best public potties in SOMD” site, unless something like that is already available. For the record – The Giant supermarket in Lusby has potties that are *very* clean and easy to access.

Hm, a quick google search brought up this. (with this being the Maryland section – no Lusby… I tried to add it and the page hung. I’ll try again from a non-phone browser when I get home from my commute.)

Picture from said commute – It looks more monday-ish than it feels.


I prefer the doodle further below.

I can’t believe I’ve been playing FPS games for over 20 years. My first multi-player LAN party experience was MIDI Maze at Sun Atari ’87, where I gunned Tom Hudson down repeatedly as an orange smiley face. (remembrance due to Wolfenstein 3D being released 16 years ago today.)

First solo FPS on the PC for me was Rise of The Triad – given to me by Kevin, Christmas of ’95, after playing the freeware beforehand, and we played Unreal Tournament in ’99 as the first regularly played FPS LAN game for about a decade after MIDI Maze.

I still have trouble with the translocator, 9 years later.

Never say “hopeless”. My prior back doctor could use a copy of this article. Thankfully, he will be retiring in the next year.

Well, officially back to the goatee – It does feel a lot less warm than the full beard. Last doodle made was on Saturday – I won’t have to draw the jawline for a bit, I guess! playing with the idea of colors mixing through transparencies. I forgot to make the white background transparent for the doodle, though.


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9258 – Tuesday

Back is feeling much better today. Not great, but only a low-level ache and tightness at the moment. The pills best used before bed as they make me sleepy and thus not suitable for work or any sharp thought-based activity during the day.

Still haven’t heard from brother since he was released from jail. I imagine that no news is good news…. I think I’ll call him tonight, though.

Yesterday afternoon while I was taking care of some issues, BHK ran to the nursery and picked up some veggies for us – Flowers : Ranunculus (look mostly like the Heart of Gold ), Some Red Cat Tails, a dozen ears of corn, and a big bag of zucchini. Local food for supper the next few days!

Also after work, BHK and I went to see The Forbidden Kingdom. I’d say that we both liked it – the settings and fight choreography were lovely, but I would really have loved to see what they’d have done in the 80’s, when they were both at physical prime. It was also a bit too… American, I guess. The bookends of “bullies chase kid with no ‘fu”, to “kid, now trained, defeats bullies” weakened the picture a bit. Overall, I was more than pleased, but it wasn’t as fantastic as I’d have hoped. Not in the same league as othe rcurrent wire fu flicks, but seeing Li and Chan together was pretty nifty… Plus, The Monkey King!

After the movie’s popcorn, we were ready for some serious supper time, and headed to Red Robin… we were seated between an old man who had a fragrance of tomato soup in a baby diaper and an adorable down’s syndrome baby.

That was ok, save for the distracting scent… but after waiting for about 10 minutes without seeing a server, I took it as a sign of possible things to come, and we left.

We made a beeline for Cheeburger2 and were seated immediately… placed our order, and chitty-chatted. The Trivial Pursuit cards at the table were ones we’d already done before, but that’s the risk we take by going there so often. Our server was seemingly inexperienced at her job… a little while after we placed our order, she came back to tell us that they were all out of veggie burgers. Apparently, neither BHK or I were slotted for the meal we were looking for tonight. We got ready to go, and the girl pleaded with us to stay – free milkshakes were offered. (Reasonable, since they were already made, waiting for our non-present main course to come to us.) We said that it was ok, but she begged us to stick around while she got her boss to make things right. Bogdan was there, acting as manager… we really can’t say no to him. He’s been our burger buddy since I first moved here, and BHK has known him longer than that. He gave us some other options, which worked out fine. I got a grilled portobello sammich and BHK did a cow-burger, both had the same toppings and treatment we wanted on the veggie-burgers.

The shakes were tasty, though not as thick, since they had time to melt while we waited… I got a chocolate mint (not as good as chocolate cherry), and BHK had a standard ol’ fashioned chocolate malt.

We made it home at about 9ish, BHK checked her email while I played a little TF2 (polishing my Heavy and Demoman skills) and Counterstrike.

Naughty Newt wouldn’t let BHK’s water alone… first he stuck his face close to it, and sneezed into the surface…. insuring that BHK wouldn’t be drinking any. With that, he lapped the contents until he wasn’t comfortable sticking his face inside the cup… so he put a paw in and pulled it over to drink from the puddle. BHK didn’t know that he’s fond of that little procedure. I guess she knows now. We went to bed shortly thereafter… reading turned swiftly to sleep.

Explicit name, originally uploaded by louistib.

Best thing about Gordon Ramsay is his insult factor. calling someone a doughnut, a pelican and a donkey.

I’m surely going to call someone a “silly pelican” sometime soon.

This morning, I remember a dream of disease outbreak – lots of panic – BHK and I were separated, don’t know where the cats went.

I was put on a bus to Schenectady (why Schenectady?), with one small carry-on bag. I was forbidden to bring any money, books, cell phone / electronics or shoes, with the understanding that I’d be subject to robbery and worse if I did so. I don’t remember what I did pack.. clothes and toiletries of some sort. I specifically recall bringing a roll of toilet paper and some pens and pencils. There was considerable fear and panic on the bus, but it wasn’t overcrowded. I had my own seat, and behind me was the skinny guy from The Big Bang Theory.

The skinny guy and I talked for a bit… more like he spoke and I tossed in a comment here and there in support of what he was saying. I don’t recall the exact nature of the conversation but there were certainly aspects of survival involved – something about safe water and how to make a solar oven was part of it. I was thirsty, and did not pack any water – there was a screeching or whooshing of air in my ears as we drove to our destination. Actor guy moved from the chair behind to sit next to me as there were two other fellows on his bench, pushing and shoving each other aggressively.

After our talk, skinny guy showed me that he was wearing an earring shaped like two horseshoes that were open, but closed enough that the second didn’t fall from the first. the beads were black. He took it out and stuck it in my ear, piercing it when he did… and put in another one back in his own ear… the only difference was that his now had gray beads instead. He said that it was protection for the area ahead, and also gave me a compass and a powerful magnet (that didn’t affect the compass, somehow) as a way to thank me because I wasn’t annoying. The men behind us had been listening wanted thier own, but he refused. “Sorry – you were annoying me. Anyway, I don’t have any more.” and then was killed – I couldn’t help him because I was back on the bus again, and he was in the parking lot, left far behind, shrieking as the two men tore him to pieces. I guess one of the men got the earring he had.

We stopped in Montana (must’ve been the long way, since we were going to NY from MD), where men in gas masks and carrying clipboards came on and took us outside one by one. We were lined up, and then everyone n the bus was killed except for me – deemed contagious, I suppose.

I was given food and water, and then told to walk from there. A broad expanse of grassy hills and green trees were ahead of me, with no path to be seen… but I walked, a deep sense of sadness hitting me with every step. I noted that the land was stunning, but empty without BHK and the boys with me… I began to wonder if I’d ever see them again- if somehow I’d been tricked and that this was a way of putting me in isolation.

I pulled a walking stick from a nearby branch and hit each tree, hoping to knock unseen fruit and to let nearby wildlife know I was coming… for whatever reason, I thought there were mountain lions in the woods.

Then I woke up to the alarm clock playing BHK’s IPOD, and I was snuggled in with her, the boys on the bed as well. So that’s a happy ending, anyhow.

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9049 – tues

Worth a click -As the American health care system continues to disintegrate, people are forced to make life choices that might otherwise seem foolish.

(Seriously: she has brain lesions for which she cannot get treatment. What the hell?)

– Via mightygodking .-The FAQ has a lot of solid, pertinent information.

Little Red Riding Hood is skipping down the road when she sees a big bad wolf crouched down behind a log.

“My, what big eyes you have, Mr. Wolf.”

The wolf jumps up and runs away.

Further down the road Little Red Riding Hood sees the wolf again and this time he is crouched behind a bush.

“My, what big ears you have, Mr. Wolf.”

Again the wolf jumps up and runs away.

About two miles down the road Little Red Riding Hood sees the wolf again and this time he is crouched down behind a rock.

“My, what big teeth you have Mr. Wolf.”

With that the wolf jumps up and screams, “Will you knock it off, I’m trying to poop!”

If I were to have a headstone, I wouldn’t mind having this on it.

I’d like to go see The Awakening before it’s moved.

Nice night tonight – dinner in with the in-laws… BHK made hot dogs, mac & cheese, and some darn tasty sweet potato fries! nom nom nom.

I have a lot more energy today – I wonder if it’s the cooler weather?

EcoFluxx arrived! Funny thing is that it originated in Greenbelt, flew overseas to the UK, and then returned to us! It’s logged more air miles than I have in the last year or three. Thanks Eryx!!!

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8936 – Friday – Friendship Amnesty Day


The idea is to post a public post on Friday with the words “Friendship Amnesty Day” in the title. The reasoning behind it is that we’ve all had friendships that either blew up, or faded away, and this is a chance, providing everyone is willing to participate, to leave the door open to clear the air and let go of the past.

It doesn’t mean adding everyone you ever knew back, but it does mean getting rid of any bad feelings / regrets, and spreading a little good cheer around the LJ ‘verse. The creator of the meme means livejournal, but I’m going to extend it across the borders of the Internet and beyond. There’s nothing wrong with the concept in any media.

So, with that in mind… peace. I don’t/didn’t have very many people like that in my life, but the door is open, and I’m doing a clean slate.

from Cropped to Crapped pants.
the font lent itself to the "rewrite"
spotted by BHK at target last night.

BHK went shopping yesterday, and got all kinds of spiffy loot! Orange Iced Tea cups with Witches on ’em, a new casserole pan, some cute shoes, sweaters and a purse, all for a song. My cut were some yummy chocolate goodies – two bars: one made with blood oranges & cinnamon, the other with chili peppers & Hershey chocolate flavored gum. I think it’s time to go on a tour of Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Downside of the gum, or upside if you’re as infantile as I can be at times… the brown bubble gum leads to all kinds of scatological humor.

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8608 – Saturday continues –

On the porch with Newt while Fatima gives the place a a scrub down… later, I meet up with the house sitter to make sure everything is good for my trip next week… basics, like where the sand and kibble are, some fundamental newt rules, and phone numbers to reach me in any time of need.

mp3 of current music. Hey, it was the spice girls earlier, too. Polka Inspired Nostalgia kick.

Just rec’d via netflix – First 3 eps of season 3 of the Shield, Barbarella, and the Skeleton Key. Skeleton Key is on reserve for Tuesday night, methinks. The other two will get watched before then.

Hey! Tomorrow is graypumpkin‘s birthday!

I think a trip to “¡Viva Broward!” is in order – I hear that there’ll be a few good musical guests, and I could go for some walkabout fun this weekend. Maybe pick up some arepas, too.

Places to take BHK in November – (just spitballing, not an actual itinerary)

The Bonnet House

Morikami Museum And Japanese Gardens

Vizcaya (and a stop off at the Planetarium and science museum, too!)


Butterfly world

Miami Metrozoo (It’s cageless, plus it has the “Scoop on Poop” – the biggest excrement exhibit in the world!)

Speaking of poop and no cages… maybe Monkey Jungle?

Sawgrass Mills Mall

Maybe the Norton? It’s been a while since I’ve been there.

Of course, bigger drives will be to the Keys (for kayaking, maybe?), or Tampa-stuff (Like the Florida Aquarium ), and St. Augustine’s goodies.

It’s fun to think like a tourist in my own region. (Plus, it’s cool to go any place that has a Ripley’s Believe it or Not. (Florida, that means Orlando, St. Aug, Panama City and the Keys) – I think St. Aug might be a good choice, given the reviewGeotarget

8597 – I wonder how responsible lj would be held?

Wiped out again last night – it seems like everyone at the office has some sort of assorted yuck, from flu to worse. I think GG and LD are the only ones showing some form of immunity. I look forward to a solid night’s rest this weekend.

A Florida woman has been awarded $11.3 million in a defamation lawsuit against a Louisiana woman who posted messages on the Internet accusing her of being a “crook,” a “con artist” and a “fraud.”

Legal analysts say the Sept. 19 award by a jury in Broward County, Fla. — first reported Friday by the Daily Business Review — represents the largest such judgment over postings on an Internet blog or message board. Lyrissa Lidsky, a University of Florida law professor who specializes in free-speech issues, calls the award “astonishing.”

Continue reading 8597 – I wonder how responsible lj would be held?

8465 – this week is moving fast, despite my best efforts.

Meeting with Mom after work to do will-stuff. She seems particularly enthusiastic to make sure the condo will go to the family rather than the state…. So, If I snuff it under suspicious circumstances, you know who to chase down for questioning, dear journal.

Pretty Keen Stop Motion video of a guy coasting through his day. I wish Youtube would support higher quality movies.

Minimum Wage (in Florida) is Currently $6.40. When I took my first Job at Taco Bell, it paid $3.35 and hour – That was back in 1985. (Starting wages at the library were a whopping $4.42, plus super insurance/etc bennies.) I wonder how well each state compares to cost of living expenses?

For “tipped employees” meeting eligibility requirements for the tip credit under the FLSA, employers may count tips actually received as wages under the FLSA, but the employer must pay “tipped employees” a direct wage in an amount equal to the minimum wage of $6.40 minus $3.02 (which, as required by Florida’s Constitution, is the 2003 tip credit existing under the FLSA), or a direct hourly wage of $3.38 on January 1, 2006.

San Fran, California is $8.50… Kansas is $2.65. Six States have no minimum wage laws.

Like the Federal wage and hour law, State law often exempts particular occupations or industries from the minimum labor standard generally applied to covered employment. This information often may be found at the websites maintained by State labor departments. Links to these websites are available at www.dol.gov/esa/contacts/state_of.htm.

Just a reminder from this entry in 2001 –

This from Webster’s: (see dictionary.com if there’s any doubt)

Main Entry: pum ·per ·nick ·el
Pronunciation: ‘p&m-p&r-“ni-k&l
Function: noun
Etymology: German, from pumpern to break wind + Nickel goblin; from its reputed indigestibility
Date: 1756
: a dark coarse sourdough bread made of unbolted rye flour

Answer each with 2 words – from sister Kellie –

yourself:   big lug

your car:   city bus

your hair:   going gray

your mother:   still alive

your father:  airborne ash

your favorite item:   cosmic cube

your dream last night:   toothy cars

your favorite drink:   rum punch

your dream home:   securely comfy

the room you’re in:   cleanly cluttered

your pet:  orange monkey

your fear:   hurting others

what you want to be in ten years:  even better

who you hung out with last night:   the Newt!

what you’re not:   eating sharks

your best friends:   are nice

one of your wish list items:   comic book

your gender:   a feller

the last thing you did:  checked lj

what are you wearing:   my clothes

your favorite weather:   cool sleeping

your favorite book:   dandilion wine

the last thing you ate:   chewy cookie

your life:   will improve

your mood:   getting there

A-Z meme

accent:  Fairly generic, but I pronounce some words oddly – “Noice” for nice, for example.

booze: I don’t really drink, but rum punch is good

chore I hate: cleaning the bathroom

dogs/cats: Newton! The coolest cat within the state of florida, I’d wager.

essential electronics: pda and digicam. the phone can go leap.

favorite perfume/cologne: I don’t currently wear one, and woman’s fragrances depend on the woman.

gold/silver: silver, generally.

hometown: Brockton, MA, USA, but I’ve been in SoFla for ages.

insomnia: infrequent, but I do have some restless nights.

job title:  MIS Director / Child Advocate.

kids: See Newt!

living arrangements: Newt and I live in a 1-bedroom condo. Finally have some space to maneuver!

most admired trait: (in others.. and in myself) basic internal goodness

number of significant relationships: I’m not trying to be a wiseguy when I say that all relationships are significant.

overnight hospital stays: Back surgeries

phobia: nothing that’s at “irrational fear” level.

quotes: “It’s all just a ride” – Bill Hicks

religion:  Agnostic with Athiest leanings.

siblings: one younger bro (I’m 3.5 years older.)

time I usually wake up: workdays – 5:30am, weekends, about 7:30

unusual talent: I can make baby-cry noises that are pretty realistic.

vegetables I refuse to eat: raw tomatoes (I won’t totally refuse, but I’ll resist, a lot!)

worst habit: procrastination

x-rays: when i broke my collarbone

yummy foods I make: all sorts.. veggie stir-fry is a pretty simple but tasty one.

zodiac sign: Aquarius / Earth Monkey

DVD43 is a free DVD decrypter.

WHAT DOES IT DO?: DVD43 decrypts DVD movies. COMPATIBLE SOFTWARE: Nero Recode, Intervideo DVD Copy, 1Click DVD Copy, Pinnacle DVD Copy, I Copy DVDs, Roxio DVD Copy and many more.

About time.. now I can recover my old, battle-damaged Godzilla DVDs.

Moment of Lyric (audio at my vox, via blackhellkatbhk! Thanks!)

We’re setting sail to a place on the map
From which no-one has ever returned
Drawn by the promise of the joker and the fool
By the light of the crosses that burned
Drawn by the promise of the women and lace
And the gold and the cotton and pearls
It’s the place where they keep all the darkness you need
You sail away from the light of the world on this trip, baby

You will pay tomorrow
You’re gonna pay tomorrow
You will pay tomorrow

8418 – Just Thursday? Not Friday?

Cinnamon Life cereal mixed into blueberry yogurt isn’t as good as I thought it might be… but I was out of rice milk. note to self – get more rice milk.

Nice to hear from Mandy last night – it was good to get few things ironed out, or at least brought into clearer focus.

Dan and I may hang out today… if we’re both not totally tuckered out like Monday. I don’t think I’m going to be in the mood to hear Al Gore grouse about the weather.

Tina and I are shooting for a thrifting trip on Saturday… maybe find a good table or such for the apartment.

No Word from Bro lately. I’m assuming no news is good news.

Moment of Lyric – mp3