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GeotargetHOWTO make an LED tank-top that plays the Game of Life

see also – LED Slippers. (I could’ve used those during the power outage)

K&K Mime Ministries – Hard-hitting gospel ministry through mime.

Heck, I know I’d check it out, but I’m a little off that way. It’s got to be better than Bibleman.

“Strange but true”-sounding lie of the day: In 103 AD, the Roman emperor Clavicus had a temple built to worship his favorite type of pastry.

Why didn’t *anyone* tell me that the Doom Patrol showed up this season on the Teen Titans? (Plus, they’re fighting the Brotherhood of Evil!) That was my big hope once I’d heard that the cartoon was launched! Once again, I thank bittorrent for speedy access to TV I’ve missed.