7930 – doot doo doo doo.


marmoset in sombrero

I still have the Frito Banditio theme popping up into my brain here and there.

Weird about the lag in the picture posts.. repeated itself twice, about 2 hours after the original post.I’ll have to make a point of waiting a bit longer before re-sending.

The people of Hialeah are idiots. (See the political record for the last 24 years.) A long term case of “we’d rather have corrupt criminals we know than a possible unknown quantity”.

Big Kahuna’s B’day today… maybe that’s why she had a case of the grumps yesterday. She’ll be 67 today, I think, and I figure that she’s got a solid two decades ahead of her, at least. Sadly, I don’t see more than a decade (and that’s probably generous) for her husband though.

Rhode Island was due back on Monday, and as of end of day yesterday still hadn’t come back. Rumors flying over the office of her quitting, but I doubt it. My suspicions are that she’s just stretching it out as far as possible.

I’m wondering what to do with my vacation.

Muslim Mona quit tech-work yesterday… I guess her real-world job, plus family, plus health just didn’t allow for four days a month. She’ll be missed… was probably the most competent tech I had. En’s really solid, too…only a couple of boo-boos here and there. Phoenix’s getting her first training today at 1pm, barring schedule issues.

Growing out the goat for a full beard again in prep to be a bit of a Santa for December.

Moment of lyric: mp3