Mar 11 2024

Day 20,126

Today’s prompt was “werewolf butterfly”, all about transformation, I imagine. I wonder if it goes into a cocoon every full moon?

Hit the doc this morning, got a appt for a leg brace fitting, hopefully that will correct the issue I’ve been having, and won’t need surgery in the future. After the doc, we picked up some nibbles and then swung back to HQ and now we are relaxing in the red room while waiting for Pearl to discover a little ball track toy I assembled in here. We will see if she prefers the toy or the box it came in.

Pearl is very interested in the two house finches building a nest by the house, the redhead has been named Feng and the gray is known as Shui.

We discovered a canned bubble tea that is pretty good! Brand is Pocas, and so far I like the thai tea and brown sugar flavors.

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