Mar 15 2024 b

Day 20,130

Another reason to beware the ides of March! I went through a few drafts before settling on a fuzzy beastie, even though the original critter was sort of like the alien xenomorph. Why? Because it looks cuter to me. Despite the flower full of teeth and eyeball-pistil-tongue, I think it might still get a hug.

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Mar 15 2024

Day 20,130

Visited my local goblin artificer to get fitted for a leg brace. Hopefully it will help sufficiently with mobility issues I’ve been having, otherwise I might need surgery. I’ll cross that troll bridge when I get to it.

Stuck my foot in a foam cast and had my leg wrapped in a fiberglass cast to send off to fabrication, once insurance give approval, hopefully quickly.

Most of the folks there were wearing green for St. Patty’s day, and they were playfully teasing someone who wasn’t, until they realised her socks were green, and they raised a great cheer for her (despite her claim that it was just a lucky coincidence. ) I was measured and am now officially 77 inches tall, or about an inch shorter than previously listed. (1.95 meters)

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