Mar 10 2024

Day 20,125 Happy Mar10 day! It’sa me, not Chris Pratt! I had no question blocks to hit as we were out and about today, but no goomba action either. Sprung forward this morning, and groggily got up early to snag grocery pickup. Being a long haired, overfed leaping gnome, I got in the jetstream of @maximillian_deersteak and whooshed behind her like a tumbleweed until I fully woke up. As we got into the Black Pearl, Kroger called to let us know they would be a little later than our 9am pickup window, so we grabbed a sammich and drove around town a little before getting our food. Pear trees, weeping cherries, willows, and forsythia were all into bloom and there were fluffy popcorn-looking trees everywhere to be seen. Pearl took the morning in stride, frisking around her llama-post, and snoozing in the tunnel when the sunbeam hit just right. Traffic wasn’t bad, despite the morning church services. I think we were in luck, travelling in the opposite direction. So much for the morning, doodle journal! More to follow at some point. Have a lovely day.

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